How to Write & Read in Indian Regional Language Fonts on Android

Android IndiaIn a very unfortunate move by both the platform maker Google as well as the handset manufacturers that many of the Indian languages have been ignored when it came to the local language support in the fastest growing Android phones which are selling like hot cakes. So, we thought of now coming up with an article where in you can not only read but also can write in your regional language in your Android phone. Yes you have heard it right. The best part of this procedure is that anyone with their Android phone without bothering about the model or firmware version on which you are on. The only sad part is that it requires you to root the phone before you can apply this procedure to customize the same.

The rooting is very important or else the system root directory which requires the access to the system files. So, if the device is not rooted then you will not be able to make use of this procedure. Under this procedure to read and write the Indian regional languages, the languages which are supported are Hindi, Sanskrit, Nepali, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi and Gurmukhi. So, let’s get started with the procedure with which you can read and write Indian regional languages in your Android phone.

Procedure to Read / Write Indian Languages in your Android Phone:

  • After rooting the phone, you will now have to proceed to download the ES File Explorer from the Android Market Place and also the Indian Regional Font.ttf file in your computer and then copy this to your phone by connecting the phone with the computer using the USB cable.
  • To install the font, first up you will have to first download and save this font in your SD card as mentioned above and then open the ES File Explorer application in your phone. Open the ES File explorer and in the Settings, enable the Root explorer and mount the System as the RW so that all the rights are enabled which you will be requiring in the procedure.
  • Now, copy the file from the SD card root and paste the same it to the path /System/Fonts. So, as soon as you copy the file you will now need to reboot he phone so that all the changes are applied successfully.
  • Now, all you need to do is to just open the regional website in your phone or also alternatively you can also open an email which has the regional content in place so that the same can be viewed easily.

Telugu Keyboard Telugu keyboard 2

So, now after installing the fonts just in case you also wish to have the keyboard in your own regional language then you can install the corresponding keyboards from the below mentioned corresponding languages directly from the Android Market Place.

Hindi Keyboard,

Kannada Keyboard,

Bengali Keyboard,

Punjabi Keyboard,

Telugu Keyboard,

Malayalam Keyboard,

Urdu / Arabic Keyboard,

Gujarati Keyboard

So, all you need to install the above keyboards in your Android phone and there you go you can now enjoy all the above listed regional languages in your phone. Do let us know just in case if you have any issues in installing the languages in your phone in the comments section as we are here to guide you on the same and will come out with a resolution at the earliest.



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