Galaxy Tab – Sync Transfer Files, Music, Photos with PC

Samsung Galaxy TabIt’s time for Tab was the caption of Galaxy Tab when it launched and now it’s time for a better Tab. In this tutorial we would be going through process of transferring files, music and photos from your PC to Galaxy TAB or vice versa.

We have been using Samsung KIES to connect our mobile phone with PC to transfer files to and fro between your PC and mobile. The latest version of Samsung KIES 2.0 is compatible with Galaxy Tab GT P7510 and Galaxy Tab GT P7500. So that means that you can use Samsung KIES to transfer files between your PC and your Galaxy Tab.

Here is the procedure on how to sync, transfer files from PC to Galaxy TAB or from TAB to PC -

  • Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of Samsung KIES 2.0 from the official site and installed it on your PC.
  • Now using the PC Connectivity/Charging USB wire, plug the larger end into the Tab and smaller under into the PC. Your windows 7 PC would recognize the TAB and it would be ready for use.Driver Software Installation Galaxy Tab
  • Once your PC recognizes the Tab it would be located under connected devices in the Samsung KIES software. The connect devices tab is located on the extreme left side of the KIES 2.0 interface.
  • Now click the device model number from the sidebar.
  • In Samsung KIES there are few options while transferring content. You would be on the default basic information. The other three options available are Sync, Import/Export and Backup & Restore.
  • Click on Sync which is the used to transfer the personal information and the multimedia content to and fro from your computer or from the tab.Samsung Kies Galaxy Tab Sync Tab
  • For example: If I want to sync my KIES library of music (my PC library), click on Sync music and then choose which playlist or songs. Once you are done with selecting all the music or playlists that you want to sync with your tab, click on Sync at the top right hand corner of the screen. You would get the confirmation message on the right hand bottom of the KIES interface.
  • In the similar ways you can do it for Photos other files.

Manually Transfer Data in KIES

For the person who are looking to transfer data manually from your Galaxy TAB or computer, you need to select media type that you want to transfer located under the Library located on the left sidebar bottom.

Samsung Kies Galaxy Tab Sync

  • Let say I want to transfer music, click on Music.
  • Now click and hold on that particular file or item and then drag that on to your tab or vice versa to perform the reverse action.
  • While transferring pictures, you need to select the photos and then click on Transfer to Device located at the top. And this will automatically do it for you.
  • In similar ways you can do it for Video and other files.

That makes it easy to keep sync your content and further along your Galaxy Tab is completely sync with your PC.

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