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How to Update Galaxy 551 I5510 to XWKP5 Gingerbread 2.3.4 European Firmware

galaxyWe are back with the latest firmware update for Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 users. Last time we have seen an update of XWKD4 2.2 Froyo firmware and this time it is all new Gingerbread 2.3.4 firmware. This firmware update works only for the European users and so we request other users not to try this update on their phones. As of now all the European users of Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 phones can update their phones to XWKP5 Gingerbread 2.3.4 firmware irrespective of the current OS. We assure other users that as soon as we get the update we provide you the updation process so just stay tuned and as of now this will work only for European users.

In order to apply this firmware update we use Odin flash tool and not KIES, the usage and importance of the Odin flash tool is explained in the further pages as we divided this article into few pages so that every user can easily understand the instructions and the actual procedure of this XWKP5 firmware update.

The most important point to consider is that, this firmware update of XWKP5 is strictly applicable for the European users of Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 phones, so we don’t encourage other users to try this update on their phones, as there is a high probability of bricking up of their phones. In the further pages you will find the instructions and the actual procedure on how to update your Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 phones to XWKP5 2.3.4 version.


Stock ROM: Stock ROM is the built-in OS version of your phone that comes at the time of purchase.

Custom ROM: Custom ROM is a stand-alone version of the OS and developers will customize the OS in different ways, as Android OS is an Open sourced platform.

In the next page you will find the instructions to follow before starting the updation process of XWKP5 2.3.4 firmware for Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 phones. So, before proceeding to the actual procedure please go through the instructions carefully.

NOTE: androidadvices.com will take no responsibility in case of any damage to your device, so before proceeding further, we request you to follow the instructions and the procedure carefully in order to avoid any such situations. If you find any difficulties in the process of updation ask them under the comments section and we guarantee the help as we always try to provide you the best solutions.


  1. saludos. Trate de actualizar mi samsung i5510, instalando erroneamente el CWM del i550 resulto que mi i5510 no inicia, se queda destellando el mensaje SAMSUNG y no entra al modo recovery ni al modo download.

  2. Hello. Any ideas if the latin american version is the same as the european?

  3. Hallo!!
    I have a gt-i5510 from Dubai with firmware 2.2.
    May I install any european firmware 2.3.6 or I have to instal a specific firmware.
    Thank you for your help

  4. Hi,

    the link to download the package is not working. Can you please update?

  5. Hey, I did this upgrade now my Y and Z buttons have switched and my comma button doesn’t work and my wifi stop working after it went to sleep (but i fixed the wifi by dailing *#526#*) Any Idea on why

    P.s I am using the canadian verison Galaxy 551 and its rooted now

  6. Shailendra Singh

    how to update my ideos U8150 on android 2.2 to 2.3 or upper version ..is it possible to do it mannually if so please help me

  7. I have updated my I5510 to 2.3.6. But whenever I remove head phone sound disappeared. I need restart the phn to get sound again. pls help…

  8. Dear Sir,
    My problem with 551 was that I am unable to enter into recovery mode (power + ‘T’ won’t worked for me). I have not found any clue in the article. But now I found a link on web which states that to do a master reset after downloading and installing the update by dialing *2767*3855# for wiping the data / clear the cache. Is it safe to do this way. plz help. What should I do?

  9. HELP! Stuck in MIBIB downloading! I tried to restore my phone to 2.2 froyo, but im stuck in mibib while using odin.. Any Help!?

  10. Downloading the files and preparing for the launch.. Hope I dont brick this Callisto.

  11. Sir I could not get the perfect brightness and live wallpaper please help me.. What can i do

  12. Hrushikesh M Nagwekar

    How to get into recovery mode ? T + Power mode doesnt work. Volume down + Home key + Power Key doesnt work.
    Please Help?

    • we have mentioned in the article!

      • Hrushikesh M Nagwekar

        hi Thanx for the reply. But I press T and power button to get into recovery mode. But I am unable to to enter into Recovery mode. Please help!! I have read the complete article. I have tried volume down + Home key + power button too. But no success. What should I do.

        Thanx and sorry.


  13. Hrushikesh M Nagwekar

    Dear Sir,
    Its great to know your post, forum discussion and video on youtube about the upgrade .
    I wished to upgrade my phone galaxy gt i-5510 android system 2.2 asian to 2.3.4 gingerbread (Location : India). But before I try that. I just checked that I can boot my phone in download mode but not in recovery mode at all.
    Please Help. I wish to upgrade and scared of bricking my phone and do not wish to root either.
    Thanks in advance.

  14. hi Pradeep
    i want to undate my galaxy gt i-5510 android system 2.2 asian to 2.3.4 gengerbread
    so wht problem will come when i update it ?
    what is the difference 2.3.4 and 2.3.6 os ?

  15. WIFI always get disconnected around 5-10 min. Tried with several wifi networks. Need shutdown to fix it. Would update to 2.3.6 fix it?

  16. Is the download link removed? Would like to update firmware if possible.

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