How to Update Galaxy 551 I5510 to XWKP5 Gingerbread 2.3.4 European Firmware

galaxyWe are back with the latest firmware update for Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 users. Last time we have seen an update of XWKD4 2.2 Froyo firmware and this time it is all new Gingerbread 2.3.4 firmware. This firmware update works only for the European users and so we request other users not to try this update on their phones. As of now all the European users of Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 phones can update their phones to XWKP5 Gingerbread 2.3.4 firmware irrespective of the current OS. We assure other users that as soon as we get the update we provide you the updation process so just stay tuned and as of now this will work only for European users.

In order to apply this firmware update we use Odin flash tool and not KIES, the usage and importance of the Odin flash tool is explained in the further pages as we divided this article into few pages so that every user can easily understand the instructions and the actual procedure of this XWKP5 firmware update.

The most important point to consider is that, this firmware update of XWKP5 is strictly applicable for the European users of Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 phones, so we don’t encourage other users to try this update on their phones, as there is a high probability of bricking up of their phones. In the further pages you will find the instructions and the actual procedure on how to update your Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 phones to XWKP5 2.3.4 version.


Stock ROM: Stock ROM is the built-in OS version of your phone that comes at the time of purchase.

Custom ROM: Custom ROM is a stand-alone version of the OS and developers will customize the OS in different ways, as Android OS is an Open sourced platform.

In the next page you will find the instructions to follow before starting the updation process of XWKP5 2.3.4 firmware for Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 phones. So, before proceeding to the actual procedure please go through the instructions carefully.

NOTE: will take no responsibility in case of any damage to your device, so before proceeding further, we request you to follow the instructions and the procedure carefully in order to avoid any such situations. If you find any difficulties in the process of updation ask them under the comments section and we guarantee the help as we always try to provide you the best solutions.


  1. saludos. Trate de actualizar mi samsung i5510, instalando erroneamente el CWM del i550 resulto que mi i5510 no inicia, se queda destellando el mensaje SAMSUNG y no entra al modo recovery ni al modo download.

  2. Hello. Any ideas if the latin american version is the same as the european?

  3. Hallo!!
    I have a gt-i5510 from Dubai with firmware 2.2.
    May I install any european firmware 2.3.6 or I have to instal a specific firmware.
    Thank you for your help

  4. Hi,

    the link to download the package is not working. Can you please update?

  5. Hey, I did this upgrade now my Y and Z buttons have switched and my comma button doesn’t work and my wifi stop working after it went to sleep (but i fixed the wifi by dailing *#526#*) Any Idea on why

    P.s I am using the canadian verison Galaxy 551 and its rooted now

  6. Shailendra Singh

    how to update my ideos U8150 on android 2.2 to 2.3 or upper version it possible to do it mannually if so please help me

  7. I have updated my I5510 to 2.3.6. But whenever I remove head phone sound disappeared. I need restart the phn to get sound again. pls help…

  8. Dear Sir,
    My problem with 551 was that I am unable to enter into recovery mode (power + ‘T’ won’t worked for me). I have not found any clue in the article. But now I found a link on web which states that to do a master reset after downloading and installing the update by dialing *2767*3855# for wiping the data / clear the cache. Is it safe to do this way. plz help. What should I do?

  9. HELP! Stuck in MIBIB downloading! I tried to restore my phone to 2.2 froyo, but im stuck in mibib while using odin.. Any Help!?

  10. Downloading the files and preparing for the launch.. Hope I dont brick this Callisto.

  11. Sir I could not get the perfect brightness and live wallpaper please help me.. What can i do

  12. Hrushikesh M Nagwekar

    How to get into recovery mode ? T + Power mode doesnt work. Volume down + Home key + Power Key doesnt work.
    Please Help?

    • we have mentioned in the article!

      • Hrushikesh M Nagwekar

        hi Thanx for the reply. But I press T and power button to get into recovery mode. But I am unable to to enter into Recovery mode. Please help!! I have read the complete article. I have tried volume down + Home key + power button too. But no success. What should I do.

        Thanx and sorry.


  13. Hrushikesh M Nagwekar

    Dear Sir,
    Its great to know your post, forum discussion and video on youtube about the upgrade .
    I wished to upgrade my phone galaxy gt i-5510 android system 2.2 asian to 2.3.4 gingerbread (Location : India). But before I try that. I just checked that I can boot my phone in download mode but not in recovery mode at all.
    Please Help. I wish to upgrade and scared of bricking my phone and do not wish to root either.
    Thanks in advance.

  14. hi Pradeep
    i want to undate my galaxy gt i-5510 android system 2.2 asian to 2.3.4 gengerbread
    so wht problem will come when i update it ?
    what is the difference 2.3.4 and 2.3.6 os ?

  15. WIFI always get disconnected around 5-10 min. Tried with several wifi networks. Need shutdown to fix it. Would update to 2.3.6 fix it?

  16. Is the download link removed? Would like to update firmware if possible.

  17. Firmware link is dead, nothing to download… i need to try updating my phone to ginger… will it be working for Indian phones too

  18. My careless mistake. I install the upgrade before scrolling through the forum. I did the upgrade to a Bell Canada 5510M. And it acts funny. Only get service for certain time and no service the next sec. How can I put it back to 2.2? Please help!

    • You can install the previous stock ROM Version by first downloading the stock ROM files(*.OPS) from net and then re flashing them back to your phone using ODIN Flasher Tool.

      You can search for the Stock ROM file specific to your region/country from Google.

  19. after update, wifi not connecting!!! it showz obtaining ip address n gets disconnected
    help plz

  20. Hi NeaL,

    I had updated my Samsung Galaxy 551 Asian Firmware recently to 2.3.4 as per your instructions.

    Found a few issues and request you to patch it:

    1. The physical keyboard has issues with \,\ and \?\ (as said by many earlier)
    2. The battery usage graph shows irregular discontinuities and lines. Please tune the calibration

    Apart from this, no other issues.

    Good work!

  21. Hi, i from chile, do you have some problem with the gps?.
    I have problem with the GPS, dont work. stay in waiting for a valid signal.


  22. Hi Neal Pradeep,

    So I followed all the steps but the last part is very unclear and maybe you should explain to the people step by step what exactly the correct way.

    You are talking about deleting the CACHE FILES in the end once the phone has been upgraded. But you also said that if your phone has been upgraded correctly you don’t have to delete the CACHE FILES, this creates confusing. Its either yes or no.

    I appreciate that you provided this upgrade as my phone does run faster, but it is very important to know this information in order to have my phone functioning smoothly !!!

    The only physical problem I have noticed with my phone is that the Battery meter does not show the percentage of voltage, therefore unable for me to see when I have to charge my battery.


  23. Hi ok so I found out how to wipe the cache..

    now I have 2 problems left

    My phone doesnt recognize the SD card anymore though it is inserted

    and like everyone else some keyboard malefunctions


  24. I cant select options in Recovery Mode. It doesnt allow me to scroll down with the arrow keys of my qwerty.??!?!?! HELP

    I cant select wipe data/factory reset or wipe cache partition !!!!

    Please let me know I can only select reboot system now

  25. Hi thank you first of all for the update.

    However, I am confused for the final step: I have updated succesfully the new firmwire. My phone restarted automatically and everything works fine. My phone recognizes everything.

    But do I still have to delete the cache files as you have mentioned below?

    \Once the firmware updation process is completed then your phone restarts automatically indicating that the process of firmware updation has completed successfully. So, now turn OFF your mobile and ON it back again to enter into the recovery mode. To enter into the recovery mode, press T + Power button simultaneously.

    In recovery mode of your phone, you will see various options so choose the options like wipe data/factory reset and Wipe Cache partition. The reason behind deleting all the cache files is that, in the process of firmware update, some of the cache files will generates in your phone in order to damage some applications of your phone. So, to avoid any such damage on your phone we need to clean up all the cache files from the phone. After clearing all the cache files form the phone, reboot it now using the option ‘reboot system now’, and enter the language preferences and the Google account preferences again so that you can bring back your phone into the normal mode.

    That’s all; your Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 phones are ready with the latest Gingerbread firmware of XWKP5 2.3.4 version. This will work only for the European users of Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 phones.


  26. Hey Hi Guys,

    Great Work.. I had an Indian Firmware and had a good experience updating my phone to Gingerbread.

    No issues so far.

    Thanks :)

    Keep up the good work :)

  27. not able to go to recovery mod… plz help. i m following the correct step by holding down T and then power but it only worked once and now its not working,,,

  28. is this is possible for indian users??

  29. Hey :) Any fix on getting into the recovery mode?
    And Does this void my warranty?

  30. :((

    I do it Step by step (from 2.2 rom!) but i see this Message in Odin:

    “Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…
    odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
    VerifyPlatform:V0, P0,R0
    set download environment.
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    mibib download..”

    and i wait abut 10min, but it doesn’t work!


    i reset mi phone and test it again, so now:
    phone is not work and STOP on i logo with Phone & PC, and just with battery replacement can reset and then comeback to this screen!

  31. HI
    i have updated my froyo 2.2 to GB, my internal memory was not formatted. All installed applications are there including contacts, messages and settings. Is it a successful installation or there is a mess? (but i have given enough time to read and follow every step was missed). Waiting for a reply !

  32. Q + Power button works fine with my galaxy 551 phone, it enters into download mode.
    T + Power button does not work with my phone. I tried many times, the phone was unable to enter into recovery mode.
    Presently I have android 2.2 froyo(ddjk4) in my phone, which came installed with my phone.

    Can any one please suggest me how to enter into recovery mode. Or does this recovery mode option works only after i update the firmware.

  33. Hi,

    Q + Power button works fine with my galaxy 551 phone, it enters into download mode.
    T + Power button does not work with my phone. I tried many times, the phone was unable to enter into recovery mode.
    Presently I have android 2.2 froyo(ddjk4) in my phone, which came installed with my phone.

    Can any one please suggest me how to enter into recovery mode.


  34. Hi Neal. Pradeep…thankx for this useful update. I have successfully installed this GB update over 2.2 Froyo. But i have a question -:
    I have followed all the steps, after restarting my phone i found that GB has been installed, but there was no impact on my applications, contacts, messages and even settings (Everything is there as these were in phone before updation). Neither the phone asked me to configure google account or language preference.

    Now everything is there as it was earlier, except a new application \Download\, better display, better navigation speed, showing android version 2.3.4, build no. GINGERBREAD.XWKP5, better Text SMS app, hardware keyboard problem with two keys….i have followed all steps carefully. But please let me know if it’s a successful installation ??

  35. i too got this exact same problem as nate. did you ever get the wifi working properly? also did you fix the keyboard?

    • fixed the keyboard problem. you have to edit the file /system/usr/keychars/sec_keypad.kcm.bin. find the chars in the file that are being displayed (instead of the ? and ,) and change to what they need to be. copy back to device, reboot and you will be all good.

  36. will this work in canada on the bell network?

  37. hi,

    thank you for the release…. it works like a charm – very smooth and fast as skirting on the cheese….
    only drawback is the keyboard function for \,\ and \?\ please help me to rectify…..

    once again thank u for the release of gingerbread…..

    please work for 1. live wallpapers, 2. ANY UI, 3. rooting in this present rom……


    Hi I’m from Turkey. I installed 2.3.4. Gingerbread Firmware its really good and working fine than 2.2 Froyo. I ‘m writing this message for my thanks. excatly this is best android forums thanks for everything . I will follow you

  39. hi, I am not able to enter into download mode by pressing the Q+power key or volume down+home+power, please help, also tell me how can I recognise that my phone is in power mode?

  40. I make the test in outside

  41. thanks for the information NeaL Pradeep, but the problem continue, I clear the cache partition from te recovery mode. I test with the navigation and NDRIVE but the cellphone don’t see any sat.

    the icon of the GPS tilt, but dont have any signal, and say…\waiting for a valid gps signal\

    best regards

  42. hi, I install the 2.3.4 version on my I5510, and everything work’s fine, but the gps don’t work. please somebody helpme

  43. hey………….
    hd games work on my 551 but the resolution of games are big
    so plz help me and suggest me a site for hd games where i will get my 551 resolution games…

  44. Hi i got Norwegian phone, when i choose norwegian in the language my phone have sweden letters, i am missing the Æ Ø Å. any ideas ?

  45. I’ve successfully updated my phone to this version and I’m from Philippines btw, no issues so far as it performs far better than froyo. Battery backup was increased for about 30%+, and the custom font feature is absolutely cool.
    My only question is how can I get this phone rooted as superoneclick doesn’t seem to work(hangs on step 6 on a tutorial somewhere here)

  46. i’ll have some problems? thanks

  47. Hi,

    At first the phone must be rooted!
    Install root explorer, in root explorer chooose mount system as R/W, Replace the sec keypad.kcm.bin in /system/usr/keychars with this one: (Link Removed by Moderator)

    Now the keypad issue is gone.

  48. I’m from chile , can i update my phone without problems with this tutorial too 2.3 ?

  49. I have an android I5510L galaxy in Argentina south america.
    2.2 vercion
    I5510LVCKA1 base band
    Kernel latin.umts @ samsung # 1
    compilation froyo.VCKA1
    I functioning this rom?
    I functioning 3g? wifi and bluetooth gps?

  50. Hi!

    I bought my Samsung Galaxy in France but I live in Colombia (South America), will this upgrade works for me even i’m not on europe?


  51. Hello!!! I put the 2.3 android version in my Galaxy 551 and everything is ok, less than the keypad issue.

    I was reading about change one file ( from a froyo backup ) /system/usr/keychars

    I read all that Dejan wrote, and what Tomasz, and NeaL Pradeep answered here too.

    Neal Pradeep, where is the file in the procedure section?, I did my best to find it but I couldnt.

    Does any one can tell me how to get to this /system/usr/keychars in order to change it after the update

    … and in any case can someone send me the file?? I didnt copy it. I have the QWERTY keypad and the problem I have is with the \?\ \,\

    I already root my cellphone as well


  52. hey after upgrading my 551 to 2.3 y dont hd games work on it????????//
    the games which work the resolution is big can u suggest me a website that can give me my 551 resolution hd games

  53. i hav Galaxy 551 I5510…m frm india….so i want to upgrade my phone to Gingerbread 2.3.4 asian fimware…so plz help ??

  54. thanx…kindly mail me the complete article…

  55. hi
    just updated 2.3.4 in my galaxy 551.

    did everything as u mentioned.

    just got a problem entering the recovery mode.just pressed the \T\ button and power button much longer till the recovery mode appeared.and in the recovery mode, volume keys should be used to navigate.

    got the same problem as everyone, for the keys \?\ and \,\. but the update process is very very easy.

    but the overall updated UI is great. will report if any issues come up.
    thanks to you people.

  56. I am from pakistan. can i update Galaxy 551 I5510 to XWKP5 Gingerbread 2.3.4 European Firmware???

  57. Hello together,

    i have a GT i5510 from Dubai, but i live in Germany. So can i update the phone to the newest Gingerbread firmware from this page?
    Baseband version is I5510JXJK3
    Kernel version is #1
    and Build number FROYO.JPJL1

    Best Regards


  58. its nt a custom place works perfecty..recently gt updated!!!

  59. is it a custom rom????
    do market works????????????

  60. i want to know what is the benefit of updating 2.3.4

  61. Hi, this is showing only for european-firmware

    i am living in Philippines still in Asia but has a DXJK5 not DDJK4..

    confusing about this update will it work or not??? Please help here!

  62. ä and ö are Estonian letters.:)

  63. Hello. i went recovery mode,but idont know what to do!How i can select wipe data/factory reset and Wipe Cache partition?

  64. the last step when we have to go to the recovery mode ad delete the cache.i’ not able to do that…just dont know how to select that option..reboot option is pre selected ..and when i press home key the phone reboots …any help??

  65. hey,,i tried 2.3.4 upgradation on my phn… worked well… the ? , problems solved following the trick of dejan…….
    nw m njyin gingerbread………..

  66. this is showing only for european-firmware i am living in india confusing about this update will it work or not???

  67. THX a lot guys…completely flashed it and rooted it..solved the keyboard prob by replacing d file using root working absolutely fine as fr nw..faster wifi prob change homescreen n lockscreen walls and fonts tooo…happy!!

  68. how or by which cmd or program can i copy that keychars file into dat phone is rooted and i need to place that froyo file in help

  69. Can i upgrade this firmware in india

    if yes

    so plz tell me how to upgrade this

  70. hey i updated my galaxy 551 to 2.3.4 ,and the installed apps and the data on my phone haven’t been erased after updation.It is strange rite?? my phone memory must have been erased.why didn’t this happen?? and su is also installed. that is the phone is rooted even with gingerbread.Is this a problem?? i don’t have any working problem though.

  71. Rocky Galaxy 551 india download link not working guys if u can upload it any file hosting website would be great for all user want to try eagarly…..

    • Hi.

      I flashed back with froyo firmware to get the correct files for my region.
      After that I backed up onto SD card.

      I flashed with gingerbread and rooted it and proceeded with copy sequence.

      But that is not needed when you install Arkas 1.2 Ganymede 3 as there
      those 2 keys are ok, but on that version the Currency signs are mixed and
      if that is bothering you, you continue with keypad file copy sequence which
      was described above in my post.


  72. hey guys please read this fully and try to help me. I followed instructions carefully but i messed up a bit. I got my phone from london and it may seems weird but it had eclair 2.1 in it. I started updating to 2.3.4 but download process did not complete fully. Tried many time. No success. Phone bricked. So i tried to update wit 2.2. Still same problem. After so many attempts, it found that usb did not have sufficient power. So plugged it in the back and updated to 2.3.4. Update worked but i’ve got major issues. Wifi doesn’t work. Back, options and volume down doesn’t work. Keyboard layout it completely messed up. So i tried 2.2. I’ve got more bigger problem wit it. Everything works except touch. So can anyone find a solution for keyboard and wifi. Waiting for your reply.

  73. You have to have backup the file “callisto_keypad3.kcm.bin” from original froyo version.
    File is located in /system/usr/keychars

    You have to copy it to your sd card and rename it to “sec_keypad.kcm.bin”.
    After that you have to copy this file to the same folder in your rooted 2.3.4 gingerbread.


    • Can you upload this file ? Please.

    • Can you please upload the file “callisto_keypad3.kcm.bin” somewhere for us, so we can copy it to the “/system/usr/keychars” folder in 2.3.4. Gingerbread?

      Thanks, Remqeau

      • where you are being prompted for this file?

        • Dejan said:

          You have to have backup the file “callisto_keypad3.kcm.bin” from original froyo version.
          File is located in /system/usr/keychars.

          I installed This gingerbread (very nice by the way!!) but my keyboard keys don’t match.
          Since I installed this Android version, I don’t have froyo anymore I think… Now I can’t backup the file, so it is not possible for me to rename and replace it in the keychars folder.

          Thats why I am asking for someone to upload this froyo file. Or am I misunderstanding?

          grtzz Remqeau

  74. hey there. i got an error in after the process in the recovery system. I can see the wipe data/factory etc. but i cant get there. i only can “reboot system now”. also there is a error –Appling Multi-CSC– Can´t access to “/system csc/DTM/sustem”.
    who can help? :-(

  75. Hi Chinmay.

    Thank you for mention it.

    I just installed Arkas 1.2 – Ganymede 3 over it.


  76. So.

    I finally did solve my ö (?) and ä (,) problem.

    Just renamed my backup file “callisto_keypad3.kcm.bin” to “sec_keypad.kcm.bin” from 2.2 /system/usr/keychars.
    Then copied the renamed file into 2.3 same directory.

    Now my keypad is working as it was before on 2.2.


  77. Hi.

    No. I still have ö and ä instead of ? and ,


  78. For rooting the 551 with 2.3.4 search for, after that place it into the root
    folder of your sd card.

    Now shutdown your phone and start it in recovery mode.
    Select update from sd card and select that zipfile.
    After reboot your phone will be rooted.

  79. I’m from w.b. I did exactly what is said here and it works just excellent apart from only the key swapping in keyboard.

  80. Thanks a lot !!!~

  81. cn we put 2.2 back aftr using 2.3 fr sm days?

  82. @Neel Pradeep:

    Thanks for responding. I updated the phone as per the details provided by in this forum. And ODIN didn’t show any error.

    Though i didnt cleared the cache before trying this 2.3.4 update.

    How can i clear the cache and after clearing it should i try again for the update ?

  83. @Neel Pradeep:

    While updating to 2.3.4 screen of my galaxy 551 becomes black and hardly any content is visible thats why i couldnt get my phone into recovery mode. for reviving my phone i again updated my phone to DDJK4 2.2.

    Can you help to update my phone to 2.3.4

  84. Has anyone from Canada updated with this firmware successfully?

  85. Hello neil..i am from india and have ddjk4 2.2 i update it to 2.3 gingerrbread? If yes cn u post or mail me d phone is currently rooted..thx in advance

  86. i have updated but can u post the rooting procedure?
    its not rooting gingerebread i tried super one click and gingerbreak.. it gets stuck on 6th process..

  87. When are u going to put up a rooting method? i desperately need it..
    Ur superclick method isnt working on gingerbread plus gingerbreak app isnt working too..
    i have tried everything..
    any other way?
    plzz provide an article as u have put up for galaxy s users.

  88. hey this really works.. thanks a lot.. got it done without any hasssle.. phone feels much better n also battery has improved..:) thanks again..

  89. and if its gingerbread than plz give Asian version with working menu downslides.. :)

  90. Well used it for a day long and it isnt Gingerbread its a custom modified rom because the Android market isnt recognizing it.
    Plus i am not able to root it by any means thats frustrating.. I had my froyo rooted thats why i was able to minimzie my internal space usage.
    Secondly the keys dont work…
    guys u have put the Asian froyo on a file sharing website which is very slow.. and it just allows one download per hour with no resume support. i want to revert back to Froyo now so plz give me some mediafire link.. removing this custom rom (modified froyo)

  91. and when should i disconnect my phone from the computer? after the downloading is complete or after i manually reboot it from the recovery mode?

  92. when i connect my phone on download mode the CON mapping shows something else instead of O:[COM9] is it okay?

  93. Just updated…
    but isnt there a change in the menu style???
    like the one in gingerbread..
    soo umm yea i have done everything correctly but i updated when my battery was below 30 percent. will that affect my battery calibration.. sorry i cant put question marks coz my phyiscal keyboard question mark has stopped working..

  94. i did all that. even downloaded the settings from airtel and installed them. but it still isnt working

  95. not working at all. the phone isnt sending or receiving any data

  96. i have gprs activated on my phone and it was working fine until i upgraded to 2.3

  97. data network mode deactivated

  98. my mobile office is not working. its saying data transfer disabled

  99. and if ramesh bro u can give me direct download link of Asian froyo stock rom in case i do something silly with my phone i will appreciate.
    Froyo DDJK4..
    And do give Asian update too :)

  100. If anyone from India has updated to gingerbread can they give me their email or can they contact me on
    1. Can i root it after upgrading?
    2. I have enabled live wallpapers in Froyo wil they disable if i update?
    3. what changes to physical keyboard? ?ajor or minor?
    plzz contact me! indian owners :)

  101. Will the Canadian firmware update arrive at the same time as the USA update, or is there going to be a universal North American update? Any timeframes?

  102. cool! thanks man. will do it now

  103. works on indian phones?

  104. Million thanks Mate. Its working fine for me.

  105. Widodo Hendrartono


  106. hey in root 6th process it was hanging what i must do????i did rooted for android version 2.2 of i551 its works fine but
    android 2.3.4 of i551 its not working root!!!!plz…………….. help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. hey in root 6th process it
    was hanging what i must
    do????i did rooted for
    android version 2.2 of
    i551 its works fine but
    android 2.3 .4 of i551 its
    not working root!!!!
    plz…………… ..

  108. I UPdated i am an indian user

    awesome update battry life increased n phone is much faster

    u can change fonts n lockscreen wallpaper

    the wifi and blutooth switch on and off problem also is gone just happy :))) too good :)

    update without fear indian users :)

    • Hey guys,

      Even i updated to GB-2.3.4, so far it’s working fine except key problem(?,). Indian Gt 551 user can try European update.

  109. Awesome, man! Thanks for this phone-reviving post!

  110. hey NeaL Pradeep how to enable live wallpaper on i551 on Gingerbread 2.3.4 ?

  111. hey NeaL Pradeep how to enable live wallpaper on i551 on Gingerbread 2.3.4??

  112. hey NeaL Pradeep how to enable live wallpaper on i551 on Gingerbread 2.3.4??.

  113. Hello,
    The upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3.4 on my galaxy 551 GT-I5510 just worked fine. It took me a bit of time to realise that i had to use A + power button instead of Q + power button as i’m using an AZERTY keyboard instead of a QWERTY one. This is i would say the only issue. The hardware keyboard is recognised as a QWERTY layout and not an AZERTY one, what does cause some troubles when entering some text. I tried to search for an option that would allow me to switch it from QWERTY to AZERTY but did not find one ? Is it a wishful thinking or is there a solution here ?
    Thanks to the great job of the team, this is really a pitty that Samsung is not supporting their customers, especially as i bought my phone a few months ago, and it is still for sale on the market.

    • do let us know if you need any support anytime, we will guide you in updating the device!

      • Hello,
        well, i tried to root it but it did not work for me. It looks like rooting is the first step, then i have to replace qwerty keyboard layout files by azerty ones. I have the files, but without root, it is useless.
        Any support is welcome.
        Thanks in advance.

        • Hi Ecan.

          Can you post those files. I have the same problem with my 5510. The device flies literally with 2.3.4 but im only have the issue about the AZERTY-QWERTY keyboard.

          Please Neal, help us with the rooting of us devices.

  114. Good afternoon, someone knows if there is already real update to the I5510 to america? Or are only in Europe? Thanks in advance.

  115. Downloading it’s taking forever, 10 minutes and no change only the timer…:( where’s the problem?

  116. It works great, but I have two problems with the update instructions:
    1. It was not enough attention to the “One Package” in Options under the yellow box to activate.
    2. I have to find out who I select the options in the recovery mode, it is the ALT Button.
    Now I have to test the update at the next weeks.

  117. can i update my i551 using this firmware??
    i m frm india…

  118. Nice Guide!

    There were several Questions about rooting the 551 with Gingerbread, here’s the solution:
    Tested and working!

  119. monmai das udasin

    sir can i make this update with my phone galaxy 551(India)….if no how long we have to wait for Asian update…thanks for ur advice…

  120. So finally I updated to gingerbread and believe me guys it’s working so so perfectly I wonder if none has noticed it but the battery back up has increased nearer to 30 % up and yeah it’s smoother than the Froyo. I can download new fonts, new copy paste feature in messaging is awesome, and Images in gallery are uploading faster than pervious version. Stock browser also works more quickly now, two symbol keys which has interchanged but I don’t use physical keyboard so I don’t care about it. Recommended to all techies users.

  121. Hi,

    just installed the XWKP5 firmware on my german galaxy 551 and having issues with the hardware keyboard layout which changed from german QWERTZ layout to english QWERTY layout. Any clues how to configure german keyboard layout? In case that it is not possible to activate german keyboard layout can i use kies to go back to the original firmware?

    • me too! the hardware-keyboard-button-mapping changed. for example there is no more “?” at the hardware-keyboard available. instead there are other signs.
      2.3.4. is really good! almost smooth on this “a bit weak” hardware. try it!

    • Hi Mario

      Why to worry for physical keyboard when there’s Swype keyboard is for i5510, beta version is available now. go to beta[dot]swype[dot]com and complete the installation procedure. Enjoy.

  122. hi guys here i uploaded video of samsung galaxy i5510 upgrade version 2.3.4 gingerbread

  123. Hi

    I have latest kies installed but it didn’t show me XWKP5 Gingerbread 2.3.4 European Firmware.
    is this the genuine update for galaxy 551 from samsung ?
    why can’t it updated using kies?
    is there any consequences if i update it using your way in India?

  124. Hi,

    I am from India. can i update Galaxy 551 I5510 to XWKP5 Gingerbread 2.3.4 European Firmware???

  125. ROM version has native access to the Android Market.

    Thanks in advance,

    Yours sincerely,


  126. how can i root android 2.3.4 version of 551??!

  127. i want to root gingerbread 2.3.4 i have already superoneclick its not working on gingerbread can u give any idea??

    • hey abhi we are in the process of solving your issue, just give us sometime so that we can come up with your request for the rooting article for your device!

    • hey abhi we are in the process of solving your issue, just give us sometime so that we can come up with your request for the rooting article for your device! thanks for your patience, stay tuned to

    • we are in the process of coming out with the rooting process, kindly wait for sometime.Stay tuned to, we appreciate your patience and trust in us!

  128. hey NeaL Pradeep thanks a lot, its working! im very happy!!!! im flashed 2.3.4 gingerbread its working fine!

  129. Any suggestions on how to fix the ‘?’ and ‘,’ bug? It’s annoying

    • hey max where you are getting this error!?

      • Everytime I’m typing, mailing, typing whatever. All other buttons work fine, the alt + ? and alt + , work fine as well.

      • It’s seems to me quite a lot of people have this “minor” keyboard error:

        The physical keyboard generates an Ä instead of the ?
        and an ö instead of the ,

        the www-shortcut key on the keyboard gives the ?
        alt www-key gives the ,

  130. This didn’t work on my phone. After some searching this worked:
    q + Powerbuton for the downloadmode
    t + Powerbuton for the recoverymode

  131. i tried this two option but not turning on,can u post tutorial video of i551. how to do this process or any expert suggestion plz
    my mobile software damaged fully how to install firmware on i551

    • hey abhi, sorry for inconvenience caused, but now exactly your phone is turning on? irrespective of software you should be in a position to enter into the download mode by pressing Q + Power button and then similarly to enter into recovery mode press T + power button on your mobile

  132. i tired most of times but no use of that please help me!!!!
    facing problem with myphone how to i posted video link=;
    here im briefly described my problem. plz help me……..

    • Hey sorry for the inconvenience..To enter into downloading mode press Q + Power button and to enter into recovery mode press T + power button on your mobile.This should work.All the best..

  133. Hi Ramesh
    Can you please upload a video review of the updated version to see how it works practically ? I guess it will make the users more confident to decide. Thanks

    • Hey really thnx for the suggestion…right now we are focusing more on articles and will do videos soon..keep suggesting..thnx

  134. how to enable download mode i tried most of times and did’nt connect odin com port mapping:-(

    • Please follow the whole procedure..we clearly mentioned the process for how to get into downloading mode..Press Volume DOWN key+OK button+Power button..

  135. it will really work 2.3.4 Gingerbread European on i551 indian phones ??

  136. Hi !
    I’ve flashed the gingerbread rom by Odin.
    I’ve flashed it using the option “one package”
    (selected the rom at the last line in Odin)
    (phone works, except for two keys on physical keyboard)

    You selected the rom in the CSC line…….

    Is there a significat differance?

    thanks, cr

    • we really apologize for the error which you have got, we would request you to kindly follow the procedure once again!

      • Just to be sure:

        flash the rom by selecting the rom-file in the CSC-line ?
        (without using the “one package” option ??)

      • I followed the procedure twice, cleared cache/userdata (before&after).
        The “key-issue” (?,) still remains……
        These two characters moved to the web-shorcut key………………

        Will the { *#272* IMEI # } procedure help ?
        In the preconfig screen there’s only the NEE-scs

      • Hey NeaL! You’re the best! my Froyo 2.2 became Gingerbread 2.3.4! YeeHaw!

        But, I also have the same issue regarding the key ? and , like dcr have.. how can I correct that buggy thing?..

        I’m really happy now that I’ve got my i5510 Gingerbread 2.3.4!

        Thank You so much! :-)

  137. Will there be a american (English) Firmware?

  138. I have the arab version and i need to change the language to greek!!!how can i do it?????It’s really important cause my father gave me this cellphone as a gift after returning from the seas and i am greek so i dont want to use this phone in others languages!!!

  139. How can I root “Galaxy 551 I5510 to XWKP5 Gingerbread 2.3.4 European Firmware”? :-(

  140. I just installed 2.3 on my samsung gt-i5510t (Australian Telstra) and so far it seems to be working fine.

    • Well, except for:
      - two keys on the physical keyboard changed (‘?’ becomes ‘ä’ and ‘,’ becomes ‘ö’)
      - wifi has more issues than it did before (always had issues with the stock standard froyo)
      - the screen brightness randomly changes to really bright for no reason

  141. What are the differences between European and Asian models that causes the problems if we updates it with no suggested firmware ?

    • The code inside will be of region specific and that may cause problems for other users. So, it is always advised to use specific versions.

      • You’re reply is still deficient, anyways Let me take risk and where is the link of firmware here on page ?

        • Hey, we stress on region specifications only to avoid any damage to your devices. Just go through the instructions and you will find the link in the Page3. All the best…Thnk u.