How To Update Samsung Galaxy POP S5570 with Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

Galaxy POP Update LogoSo are you ready to get what it takes to Live Smart, yes you are correct as we are talking about your smart phone which is none other than the Samsung Galaxy POP S5570. With one of the powerful smart phones having the super fast 600 MHz processor and also comes with several other functionalities which makes this smart phone better than any other smart phone which is present in this range of price. So, for this smart phone we will see in this article on how you can easily update to the latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.4 version. After all, your phone with such a brilliant phone deserves the latest version of Gingerbread. Please note that this all new Gingerbread version of firmware is dubbed as XXKPK 2.3.4.

Please note that this version of Gingerbread 2.3.4 version is not an official version of firmware and is the beta version leak which is leaked from the house of Samsung and soon will be releasing via the KIES channel after which you will be able to update, but as a reader of Android Advices, we will see on how you too can test and apply this firmware on your Galaxy POP S5570 phone. Though there is no harm in following this article, but you need to ensure that you are not missing out any of the step or else there is a high probability that you may end up bricking up the phone.

Also, most importantly since this is a beta ROM there will be some bugs which will be addressed and will be solved in the next available version of firmware, so just in case if you find any then do let us know if you face any issues. Since this is the manual release, you need to update with the help of Odin and not with the help of the traditional KIES tool for PC. For your convenience, we have ensured that all the sections in this article are separated and are placed across different pages which this article is splitted into.

Since, this is a global version of firmware, anyone around the globe who has the Samsung Galaxy POP S5570 can proceed with the instructions which are mentioned in the due course of this article. In the due course of this article we will see on how you can easily follow the list of pre requisites, enhancements and then followed by the instructions to update the phone with the latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.4. It’s a kind request from Team AndroidAdvices that don’t miss out any instruction so as to facilitate the smooth upgradation of the firmware.


  1. I m having samsung galaxy pop GtS5570 with aircel sim.i m not able to run 3 g internet.please give me suggestionshho

  2. i have purchased a galaxyY duos(GT-S6102).suggest ways to get the apps active when connected to net on laptop through Kies.yet to get a mobile internet connection.

  3. hi dude i’m new in this so can can u tell me if there is a risk of brick the phone after upgrade ? is it safe ? I see that there are gingerbread 2.3.6 can i try this update ? i have PDA;S5570JPKA3 PHONE; S5570JXKA2 CSC; S5570OJPKA4 froyo 2.2 galaxy mini

  4. HI Neal. I Tried to upgrade Galaxy PO I559..but my phone is not starting. It stucked .How can I roll back it to Froyo 2.2.1…Pleas help..

  5. i upgraded my galaxy pop android 2.2 to android 2.3 yesterday. but i did’t upgrade it via odin. i upgraded it via kies. but after upgrading it, there is not 3G option. in android 2.2, there is a option for using 3g services. but in android 2.3, 3g option is not showing. and message themes are not available in android 2.3 (gingerbread). can i use 3g in android 2.3 or not?

  6. Can you please tell me exactly how should i update it…what in the world is odin and what steps do i follow??? im new at this

  7. Shashank Jaiswal

    Hey man, I don’t know why but i am unable to get the procedure. Any ways if it is possible please drop the procedure in reply box or a direct link.

  8. can galaxy pop be updated to 2.4 icecream sandwitch?

  9. Hi neel,
    i have a big problem, i have updated my samsung galaxy mini to 2.3version from 2.2, i got updated well without any problem, but after that im not able use internet in my mobile there is not internet option itself. PLZ help me out its my humble request plz……………

  10. i hv serious prblm with my galaxy pop. after update to gb. no sim is working. only aircel sim is workng. it seems to b ntwrk problm…. plz help.

  11. Hi Neel,

    I have updated my galaxy pop gt-s5570 mobile to GB.How to install flash for opera mini ?can you suggest me is there any beta version in flash?samsung and android market websites showing that the phone wont support to install flash .any ideas?

  12. can i have ur no. plz …….its urgent !!!!

  13. same problem here…..nothings happening

  14. useful post fro me thanx.

  15. my internet is very slow,,, :C :C wat shud i do?????

  16. awesome!!!! i updated!!! i review it after using it for some days

  17. SD card blank notification is shown in my Samsung Galaxy POP GT-I559.plz help.

  18. no i restored ma phone to factory setting because i had some problem with a software \Easy Battery Saver\ ma phone started to use data network 3g if i switch off it automatically switches on gone mad then i restored it …..

  19. hi
    i am having a recent problem with ma galaxy pop which i have updated it to 2.3.6 GB m facing some problem with ma android default music player …………but i played songs in poweramp its fine …… can u help me ??

  20. hi,
    i have problem password update 2.3.4 android Samsung galaxy pop gt s5570 can give plz,

  21. i am unable to download Samsung Galaxy POP S5570 with DDKQ7 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware package pls email the attachment

  22. out of three files one[odin dpwnloader ] installed successfully does it will affect in upgradation..

  23. Hi All,

    Please help.

    I had tried to update my galxy POP using above method but i had faced some problems.After downloading necessary files,i opened ODIN. It opend up but along with seperate error dialog box mentioning \ IMAGE PATH – - – - – - – !\. After putting phone into downloading mode,Connected with ODIN & it get detected.when i added file to respective fields,again this dialog box appered.After ward,I clicked on START Button,Upgrade Started but stuck in between.Following commands appeared in ODIN Message Box:-
    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…
    odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
    VerifyPlatform:V0, P0,R0
    set download environment.
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    mibib download..

    I waited for around half an hour but ODIN didn’t flashed PASS,so i disconnected the phone.Now my phone is almost bricked (getting ON but showing symbol of Samusng only).Also,it is not entering into recover mode. Please help me…….

  24. Hello All ,
    open ur samsung kies
    go to tools and do the trouble shoot connection error
    before you do this remove ur phone’s usb and wait for the completion of the connection after completion connect ur mobile to ur laptop or PC after that ur mobile’s version will be upgraded .

  25. sir i am using samsung GALAXY pop CDMA SCH-i559,i want to upgrade my phone to android 2.3………
    can you help me.please

  26. Samsung Galaxy Pop
    Android version-2.2.1
    In gallery there are 3 extra folders named \Instant upload,9/24/11 and Profile photos.\
    I’m unable to delete those…I formated my SD card also to check if there was any problem due to the SD card…I’m not sure where is the problem is…So pls help me delete those 3 unwanted folders.

  27. Dude sorry to say but..i have done some r&d on samsung galaxy pro. i have used these same procedure to upgrade my galaxy pro..but i failed….
    my phone is now not getting started,whenever i tried to start my phn its got stuck with a white screen….also its not getting connect with p.c in downloading mode…
    plz help me bro.

  28. hi

    how to clear or format my phone memory of galaxy pop

    and tel me procedure of how to enter in recovery mode and clear the cache!

  29. My Galaxy pop got updated to Gingerbread 2.3.4 but the swedish language became the language setting. How can i change it to normal english settings? I have already done factory reset as well.

  30. how do i update my galaxy pop to 2.3.4 gingerbread,plz help


  32. cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5 this error is killing me i tried a lot please help me im using windows xp sp2 please help me…..where to change the rights thanks in advance

  33. Sir,… Thank you.. I have upgraded my mobile to latest version without any hiccup. U r GREAT…


    Magesh magi

  34. can upgrade 2.3 to 2.4 in Samsung galaxy pop s5570

  35. is samsung galaxy pop updater is available in india…………….update from 2.2 to 2.3 and out of this two which one is good and fast


  37. hey i have upgraded my cell to gb..but i lost my apn settings as i have not backuped it…bt i need it..what can i do


  38. Dear Neal,
    Shall i updated this 2.3.6 DDKQ7 update to My Galaxy ACE 2.3.4 DDKQ6

  39. is samsung galaxy pop updater is available in india…………….update from 2.2 to 2.3 and out of this two which one is good and fast

  40. Thanks a lot, everything work perfectly well. it took me 5.12 min to upgrade to GB.
    the article is well written and very well explained .
    Thank you

  41. i updated my phone to gb 2.3.4… my phone is galaxy pop after updating it is displaying as galaxy mini what is the reason for it

  42. hey i have upgraded my cell to gb..but i lost my apn settings as i have not backuped it…bt i need it..what can i do

  43. ca we use gingerbred common version in galaxy pro also?

  44. hi. i have a galaxy pop and successfully updated to gb 2.3.3, after that when i connect to kies it says that firmware update is not supported. if i update to this 2.3.4 can i see the update in kies or else how can i go back to official froyo. pls help me . thanks

  45. how i update my samsung galaxy pop android 2.2 in to 2.3plz help

  46. how i update my samsung galaxy pop gts 5570 android 2.2 in to 2.3plz help

  47. what does it mean and what i have to do for this pls hlp

    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5

  48. hey neal…m trying 2 upgrade my phone too but m being unable 2 extract the tar file..everytime they ask for a password n i give it is stopping in 47% n is sayin wrong password..wat m i supossed to do nw..i need help quick plzz.

  49. hi

    my phone is galaxy pop GT-S5570 the update file same as S5570 or do u mean S5570 mean GT-S5570

  50. Hii evy 1…..!
    i hav updated my software to GB2.3.3 first 2 week i wz fullly satisfied suddenly my videos hav deleted automatically…. n nw m unable 2 play any kind of vvideo the error is Sorry, this video cannot be played plz help me……

  51. hii..
    After upgrading version of Android from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 in samsung galaxy pop S5570… by Bluetooth services are not working.. phone is not able to detect devices.

  52. hi Neal i have updated my phone to GB 2.3.4 it works faster compare to POP ..whenever phone is turned on it displays mini..?? and whenever the phone rings i cannot decrease the volume do u have ne solution for that..? rest all is working fine..little bit of changes in battery, network range indicator…is what i observed…

  53. Dear Sir,
    After upgrading version of Android from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 in samsung galaxy pop S5570, if i want to change the version from 2.3.4 to 2.2.1 so what should i do???

  54. hello sir here all is talking about S5570 is it samsung galaxy pop GTS-5570

  55. sir, am entirly new for dis am usin samsung galaxy pop. andriod version 2.2.1…. i wish to change dis for latest version i donno anything about phone properlly………pls help me to upgrade………if i done any mistake in the above procedure……is it goin to effect my phone???????……….

  56. Hey DuDE i’hav successfully updated my Galaxy POP S5570 to the latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.4……. there wer some issues bt i solved it….. thanks…. :)

  57. how to enter recovery mode pls help i tried pressing home button and power button simultaneously but nothing happened.

  58. hey which one is latest version of update for galaxy S SL I9003

  59. Hi Neal, I tried that but then it is showing RAMDUMP MODE and nothing is happening afterwards.

  60. Hi, I’ve installed Gingerbread 2.3.4 in my Galaxy S5570. After the installation is complete while I treid to reboot in ‘Recovery Mode’ it is not working instead it is showing ‘RAMDUMP MODE’ and below that showing ARM9 Mode and then nothing is happening. Though I have factory reset through settings I couldn’t clear the cache since recovery mode is not appearing.

    Pls suggest.

  61. hi all pls help my phone samsung galaxy pop s5570 errer for foce data and continui vibrte

  62. Hey actually i downloaded the extract files from other site. I followed the same procedure, but when i reboot the device its showing GALAXY MINI instead of GALAXY POP (indian version). So finding difficult accessing many indian content. Any ideas???

  63. neal how to check FW.. srry i dun kw dats y??
    nd hw to Update itt?? pLz repLy me fastt as m worriedd!!!!!!! :-(

  64. NeaL bro.. I cnt tke screenshots in my galaxy mini.. This is da buttonz ryt « back,home button»? Bt nt hppnin manhh… Kuch dekna pLz

  65. Yes configured but still unable to the seperate option for enabling 3G seperately. \Use only 2G networks\ is alone available. Advice ?

  66. so wiLL there b a pbm if i dwnLd nd instaLL it…

  67. so u mean i shud nt dwnLd neithr InstaLL.. ryt?

  68. neaL dude.. frst off aLL tx fr aLL dis updates manhh… itz koooL..
    bt i hve oni 1query dude…
    my mobile is samsung galaxy mini (pda- S5570JPKA3, Phone- S5570JXKA2, csc- S5570OJPKA3) does dis matter.. 1of ma frnd toLd me dat u hve to dwnLd Gingerbread accrdin to ya firmware which aLso caLLd as PDA i guess??
    so shud i dwnLd ya GB or u hve any other Link for my mobiLe GB..
    pLz reP. dude.. m worried!!!

  69. I can see some firmware upgrade available for Samsung Galaxy Pop SCH-i559 on Kies.
    I tried updating it but got stuck at downloading icon.
    Then I had to go through emergency recovery.
    After the same Kies shows phone firmware upgrade as latest. EH31
    Phone is still 2.2.2 FroYo.


  70. it isnt getting in downloading mode….plz help

  71. hi……my phone isnt getting switched on after the update is successfully passed…plz help me

  72. hi… phone isnt getting switched on after the update is successful…plz help me

  73. I ve just upgraded and its successfull. But i ma friends mobile I could see options for enabling 3G separately. Of course he is usin galexy fit, why wouln’t that option is not avaiable in pop. ?? Did i upgraded to a non-latest version of 2.3.4 ????

  74. i have sam.galaxy pops5570.the volume is really less.can we increase the volume …..or need any app. pls tell me………

  75. i tried to update my gaaxy pop but its not getting update.. the odin will be struck on imbib download…wat to do plz help.. phone is not getting on also..

  76. sir… my galaxy pop s5570 is automatically geting switched off many times and i dnt know wats the problem plsss give me some remedy…………..
    i have bought this mobile only 2 months back…….


  78. hey bro…
    is this update applicable for the newer samsung y (young GT- S5360)??
    plzzzz rly as soon as possible….
    coz m ready with d kit to update it right now…

    Akshay Bhosale

  79. Hi..

    New firmware(Ver detected in my samsung kies.
    Can i update..?
    if i upgrade this firmware, What is the use of this…?

    Please help me…

  80. Thank you so much neal…

    and i have message theme change setting is there in android 2.2….and android 2.3.4 no option for sms theme settings.
    how can i customize sms setting..?
    is any extra feature in android 2.3.4 ..?

    i request you.., please clear my doubt……

  81. Hi.., I have upgraded 2.3.4 suceessfully to use above step.. and now my mobile changed from samsung galaxy pop s5570 to samsung galaxy mini s5570… why is this happened..? and is this version availabe for Gtalk voice call..?, message theme skin settings is not available..
    what is the difference between android 2.2 vs android 2.3.4?? please help me

  82. hey man.. thanks allot.. fone is working fine!! haven’t checked out the softwares and functions like wireless and bluetooth etc…will check out soon… but otherwise.. brilliant.. thanks..

  83. my s5570 is format many times. i am purchase my phone in sep 2011. what can do

  84. hi frnds, i have successfully updated to GB and i could not find out the last step
    that is {You can clear that by selecting options Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition}
    can u tell me where is this option in phone?

  85. Hi! Neal. I have rooted my samsung galaxy pop ss570. Will any problem appear while upgrading my mobile to android 2.3.4 or do i have to unroot my device before upgrading????

  86. Why does my pop keep on rebooting if load is more on it??

  87. Hi……I have a samsung galaxy pop i559(CDMA). Can i also upgrade it to gingerbread thru this procedure. please help :)

  88. It is there in some other language, how to get in English pls…..

  89. I have updated my galaxy pop s5570. but my touch screen would not work. why?

  90. Hi friends,
    I am using Samsung Galaxy Pop for d past 3 months.
    Suddenly now its showing “charging” even though I plugged out from Charger. And also If i switch off the mobile,
    its now switching on unless I plugged to the charger. :(
    Can anyone help me please…

    • Hi friends,
      I am using Samsung Galaxy Pop for d past 3 months.
      Suddenly now its showing “charging” even though I plugged out from Charger. And also If i switch off the mobile,
      its not switching on unless I plugged to the charger. :(
      Can anyone help me please…

  91. Just updated my S5570 to 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) via SAMSUNG Keis today and it’s working fine!!!

  92. awesome!!!…i’ve done it in 5.23 mins…

  93. What should i do for samsung galaxy pop cdma(sch-i559)

  94. One ultimate question….
    wat if while updating i misplace a step or go wrong somewhere n sumthing happens to my fone…
    will i be able to bring it back to normal mode?
    If yes how?

  95. can tis update be done in samsung store

  96. sir successfully updated my pop to gb in india , but after updation i can not read hindi (language) messages. it does not support hindi language. i can not use google translate to translate from english to hindi. sir please help or mail me.

  97. I love u man, i never think that my pop has capability to run 3.4 but it does, thank u man, its cool!!

  98. my phone got disconnected while it was its not switching on at all.not able to go to recovery mode also.what should i do now?.i tried updating it again.but even after waiting for half an hour there is nothing happening in the odin software.plz help me.

  99. i have started the update.its been 20min and nothin seems to happen.what should i do?. should i disconnect or wat?.plz help

  100. After lots of tries the download page came n then the one package button is disabled :(

  101. HERE IS the link of an image aout what error i get when i open my cell phone in safe mode n clikcing on install “”

    plz help me with it :)

  102. AS i restarted my phone n then done the recovery mode i get 4 options
    1. reboot ur phone
    2. apply from sdcard
    3.Wipe data/factory reset
    4.Wipe Cache partition

    instead of the downloading screen plz help me Should i click on
    n i tried searching the”” file on my sdcard but dint got it so was not able to delete it :(

  103. As the hardware configuration of pop is low.. Will it support gingerbread without compromising the performance..Just asking this because it has only a 600Mhz processor.

  104. i followed the above article and did as said in the article. but my phone didnt updated to gb i waited for 1/2 n hr. there is any other way to upgrade my galaxy pop to 2.3.4

  105. after i extract i got a file name S5570XXKPK_S5570XXKPK_S5570SERKPK and i opend it. It has another zip folder with name S5570XXKPK_S5570XXKPK_S5570SERKPK_HOME im trying to extract that and it takes me to another window with some some files but the downloading box was not opening and im unable to open that files as well so plz kindly give me a replay n a solution for this…

  106. how could i get it!!!

  107. i extracted once only but the downloading box was not their

  108. i downloaded the software and extracted it with the help of the password “”
    i got a separate folder on my desktop but im unable to open it. and it has a lot of folders differently not as shown in the above image 3 files.. so how should i get those 3 files.. system OS windows 7

  109. NeaL Pradeep Reply:
    October 1st, 2011 at 11:10 am

    yes you can but you need to contact the operator for the same for 3G!……………..Hello watching youtube,videos i know…but i want flash….is tr any way

  110. Hi Pradeep, u told on 3g connection i can use flash player (galaxy pop)…is there any link between this …i dont think so…can u able tell me clearly…i want to watch online live cricket…suggest me…

  111. im not able to play videos on samsung galaxy pop s5570 neither you tube is working, i do have 3g plan activated on my phone but still unable to play videos. can anybody tell me why is it happening???

  112. I would like to know the steps to rollback my gt5570 from gb to froyo DDKC1. plz………

  113. i want only flash support… is there any way 2 install..

  114. with out updating os how can i use flash player because i cant able to watch live streaming on online…pls suggest me…

  115. how can i update this Android 2.2 to 2.3…please tell me

  116. hi can i update mt galaxy pop to 2.3 os…after this update can i able 2 instal flash,because now i am not able 2 use it…please suggest me..

  117. Sir again i m telling u dat after updating my screen becomes 2mm smaller from top and 1mm from both left and right sides, but unchanged from bottom, so tellme if official update can solve my problem,,,? Or kindly tell me sir how to reboot my phone to 2.2 again?????

  118. bro.. I am new to the galaxy een though i ve little computer knowledge….
    While updating ,the message in the odin says update commenced but there is no movement except the timing.. is this a fault in the procedure .. please reply me….I’m waiting …

  119. has the official version released, after updating with this how do i update with the official version

  120. Thanks for this update.

    Anyone please clarify my doubts.

    What could be the difference between Official update and Beta update?
    Is manual update is like rooting the phone?
    If NO, is it possible to update from this beta version to official version through Kies when available and whether installed applications have to be searched for update manually or OS itself prompt us if there is any updates available?

    Thank You. Waiting for the reply.

    • official update comes via KIES and beta update is updated via Odin flash tool!
      applying manual update wont root the phone in any manner.
      kindly read the article carefully as all the details which you are asking are already mentioned in the article!

  121. when the oficial update is released, can i install it even after i updated by the above procedure

  122. neal bro !!!!!!! i have updated my galaxy pop to 2.3 gingerbread , its too gud but now my phone’s screen becomes smaller???????????????? so i want the perfect answer???????? plz reply must????????/

  123. updated in 5:22, thanks a bunch, does it really make a big difference to reset to factory? I dont want to redownload all my apps again, have to pay for that :(

  124. i hav spent 1 hr in instalng gb in my fon bt it is still nt completed i m in tentn…..plzzz……help me…….wat shud i do?

  125. Hi NeaL yesterday tried to update the GB but due to powerfail in ma sys the update interpted and nw my cell is not working please suggest the way forward

  126. Upgraded pop to mini 2.3.4 in 5:00 mins
    Thank U very much for your great help.
    But I’ve some doubts/questions,
    After resetting the phone, what is the text in russian in regards with google, what the meaning of that checkbox
    Please explain.

  127. now installed the official version of gingerbread 2.3.4 on gt. s5570…touch sensitivity is increased …working smoothly ….

  128. pass. is incorrect

  129. I want to know if the same procedure can be adopted for the Samsung Galaxy Pro (B7510) ? I’m currently running Android v 2.2.2 , DDKC4. If not, do you know of any Gingerbread firmware that’s available for the same?

  130. hello am useing samsung galaxy pop s5570 with 2.2v android…how can i update it for 2.3v androis …can u plz tell me…

  131. I would like to know the steps to rollback my gt5570 from gb to froyo….
    can any one help me

  132. tried updating my cell( samsung galaxy pop) by ur above procedure … nothing happens ie in odlin 1st status bar is not procedind only ……i waited till 30 min ..( just need help )

  133. When i updated galaxy pop to GB mobile is rebooting continuously !! pls help ..

  134. Can this procedure be used to update the CDMA counter part of Samsung Galaxy pop ie I559 ?
    Kindyl help

  135. what is the main difference between 2.2 and 2.3?

  136. how to downgrade to 2.2.1 after 2.3.4 upgrade ? 2.3.4 does not support Hindi language and I need to read Hindi language as well. Please provide me the full technical description.

  137. i cant play online videos on my samsung galaxy pop gts 5570. it plays videos only on Wifi or 3G but not on 2G.
    is there any setting for that?

  138. Thanks alot neel
    Each n evry dam thng works well

  139. hi,
    amit here.
    Is it possible to update Samsung Galaxy pop I559 CDMA to Gingerbread??
    if yes ,

    Please how is the procedure and what will be the precautions taken during the procedure.

    thanX :

  140. am waiting fr ur reply so tat i can upgrade!!!!!!!!!

  141. sir
    i am going to upgrade my froyo to gb !!!!!!! ll ter b any major bugs on doing so to my phone and say some key important features off gingerbread from froyo ???????????

  142. i get 2 files only

  143. thnkyou……

  144. hey buddy thanx for d update…

  145. my phone is showing me connection error when i click on mike in sms for auto writing wat to do? plz help

  146. where is the instruction to upgrade my phone

  147. how to reset or format my phone?

  148. how to reset my samsung galaxy pop???

  149. hi sir
    if i update to 2.3 is there any way to roll back to the 2.2 version

  150. Hi Neal,

    Thanks !

    Are we going to expect that rooting for Galaxy POP or MINI will come after sometime?

  151. i Update my Samsung Galaxy POP S5570 with Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware. but there language i can’t understand. so tal me who i change my phone language totaly.

  152. it seems that this comment posting has some limits on the characters i have splitted my comment

  153. but since i have updated i have found some problems . btw the firmware is beta so some bugs are sure to b found
    1. my handcent sms seem to force close without any reason repeatedly
    2. then was this g mail app. It force closed even without opening it and then the fone went into loop . it rebooted again and again .though the problem was sloved by removing the battery and powering it in
    3. the non market apps installed on the fone showed up in my apps in the market place and the update process of this apps fail
    i am quite happy with this firmware (until i find sum major bug) and hope Samsung releases the official 1 with all the bug fixes
    don’t have any idea abt the battery , bt will let u noe as soon as possible

  154. 7. gps and gprs worked problems at all
    8. haven’t tried wifi though tethering works fine
    9. phone seems to work pretty faster than before
    10. abuntu bench mark points increased from 1450 to 1630
    11. fruit ninja was laggy on the 2.2.1 firmware. But now works superb

  155. kk..wiped the data .wiped cache as well
    phone is running pretty well
    the changes are
    1. little of ui customizations
    new icons
    darker notification bar
    2. updated gmaps already
    3. the voice search need not be installed from market
    4. there is a app called downloads (which doesn’t seem 2 work)
    5. the free ram has been increased from 279 to 280
    6. no change in internal memory

  156. and 1 more thing …the theme feature from the stock samsung messaging app as been removed for sum reason

  157. does reset of samsung galaxy pop will vanish updates .will it agin become version 2.2.1…

  158. well i update my software .havent tried gps and gprs yet.
    will let u noe guys later
    btw the fone seems 2 run pretty faster than before

  159. actually wheni updated the version to 2.3.4…… first the touch screen in my device stopped working

  160. Can I ask for the procedure on how to enter into recovery mode?

  161. Neal…bro…when can we expect the gingerbread 2.3.4 xxkph firmware for Galaxy Sl gt-i9003…..?
    Sorry if this isnt the right place to ask but im curious….:)

  162. do i loose my warranty after this upgrade

  163. How can we update android 2.3Gingerbread in samsung Galaxy Pop S5570

  164. Raminder Pal Singh

    Hi! My Galaxy Pop S5570 is still under warranty. So, upgrading it with an unofficial version of Gingerbread will result in voiding the warranty. Am I right? If it won’t, then only I would proceed. Waiting for your reply…