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5 Best Android Apps for Rooted Devices

Android Advices Phone RootedWhen it comes to Android, you might have heard the term “rooting” so many times. Most of the Android apps present in the Android market require users to have their phone rooted. To put forth, rooting your phone is like jail breaking an Apple iPhone. Now with that you would have easily understood what rooting means.

But if you are a new person to the world of mobile phones and Android, the rooting is defined as applying the “super user permissions” on your phone. It’s like getting the Admin access on your phone. Rooting has its own advantages and disadvantages. For clear understanding on the rooting, its advantages and disadvantages, check out our article on Android rooting. Once you have rooted your phone there are many things which you can do. A rooted phone will allow you to install custom ROMs and run particular apps which require root access.

Before rooting your phone, you might have come across many of the handy application on the Android Market which are useful to you but you probably can’t use it although you have installed it on your phone as it might require access to modify the root files on your phone, thus the rooting comes essential here.

ROM Manager

This is the must have app for your Android mobile phone after rooting, infact for successful run of this application users root their mobile phone. With this app you can take the backups, organize or restore within your Android, flash ROMs instantaneously on your device.

ROM ManagerROM Manager is available as the free version and also the paid version is too available which is priced around $ 6.

SetCPU for Root Users

Your phone can be clocked to higher CPU speed to attain faster operation. With the setCPU for Root users application it’s easily possible without going through the hardest part of going through the Linux kernel.

Over ClockingYou can tinker the clock at your customization. This phone allows you to overclock and under clock the CPU speed which your phone. This application required to have rooting enabled on your phone. It is tested on many of the top smartphones like Motorola Droid, Nexus One, Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, myTouch 4G, Motorola Xoom and lot more. This application is priced at $ 2.00 in the Android Market.

Titanium Backup

As you might be updating the firmware all the time and that’s why you have rooted your phone, then is a much requirement for a backup tool or application. The Titanium Backup application for your Android device allows you to back up, restore, freeze your phone data, market links and Android apps installed.

Titanium BackupThe Titanium Backup does one click batch backup and schedule backups and it really does the job for the rooted users. This is why it has been listed among the top 5 apps to go with for the rooted devices.

Titanium Backup is free app and the Pro version of it is priced at $6 in the Android Market.

Wireless Tether for Root Users

For those who are looking to share the wireless internet plans of your phone. Wireless Tether for Root Users application allows the users to enable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tethering for ‘rooted’ users and access data connection from your mobile to your laptop or PC. This app simply creates an adhoc network to be used on most of the devices.

Wi-Fi tetherThis app is very much useful when you are out of the town and you are looking to connect most of the devices. This app is available for free download in the Android Marketplace.


The Screenshot application for your Android phone allows you to take the screenshot of your phone’s screen. This screenshot might be essential to show someone error which you have encountered during operation of an application or program or anything in particular you want to take the proof. It supports most of the models and save the screenshot in BMP, JPG and PNG format.

ScreenshotThe Screenshot app requires rooting of your device and this is the best rated app for taking screen capture of your phone which is priced for free to use.



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