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Download Android Market Version 3.3.11 Apk with Auto Update & Update Over Wi-Fi

Android Market LogoA new and better version of Android Market Place is here, so for all those users who have faced issues with the earlier versions of the Android Market Place as most of the phones were not able to install the Android Market Place versions due to some issues which even till now were not solved by the Google’s Android. Nevertheless, this all new update allows you to taste this version of Android Market on most of the Android phones. This update of Android market place is dubbed as the version of 3.3.11. The only sad part of this update is that it doesn’t support the tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as well as the Motorola Xoom tablet, we are expecting a new version of Android Market Place in the next few days which will soon be released on Android Advices.

So, let’s check out on what are the things which are new in this update of Android Market Place 3.3.11. Apart from the major UI changes there has been a new feature which has been induced which is “Update over Wi Fi”. This all new Wi Fi update feature is very beneficial when you have the limited data plan which you use it on the move and at home if you have the Wi Fi with unlimited plan then you can update all your apps while only on the Wi Fi and it will not make use of your mobile’s data plan to update he apps. This is a very wise move which is taken by the Google’s Android.

Note: Please note that there are some users whose devices are not rooted have faced issues related to the Signature but there are no issues reported by the users who are having the rooted devices.

Just in case if it prompts you to select the option of “Unknown Sources” then you need to select the same.

So, let’s check out on how you can easily install this all new Android Market Place in your device.

Procedure to update Android Market Place 3.3.11 in your Android Phone:

  • First up you need to download the Android Market Place 3.3.11 APK file from here directly or you can download the same to your computer.
  • Just in case if you have downloaded in your computer then you will have to connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable which you got at the time of purchase and then you need to copy the downloaded apk file and then pull out the USB cable which you connected with the computer.
  • After this open the APK file which you placed in the phone so that you can then install the latest version of Android Market Place as shown in the below screen captures.

Install Application Select Install Installing Android Market Place Market Installed

  • So, as soon as the application installation is done, there you go you have now successfully updated the Android Market Place version to 3.3.11.

Android Market Logo new Android Market Place 3.3.11 Settings 1 Settings 2 Settings 3

  • You can also refer to the screen captures which are mentioned above to get more idea on how the new market looks like along with the new features.

Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you face any issues as we will try our level best to sort out the same.



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