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6 Useful Tips to Improve Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a perfect device for smart phone users to hangout with. But, just like every other smart phone user, Galaxy Note 5 users also have some concerns about the battery life. Though, the device is packed with the considerably powerful Li-Po 3000 mAh battery, few users still facing the issues with the battery life. So, we are here to bring you few smart tips with which you can increase the life of your battery.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Six Useful Tips to Increase the Battery life of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 –

1. Power Saving mode and Ultra-Power Saving mode –

Samsung itself embedded few options using which one can reduce the wastage of battery life. One of the options is, ‘Power Saving Mode’, which you can find in battery settings. Just turn that feature ‘ON’ and it will automatically reduces the brightness of the screen and CPU performance. Also, backlit keys will be turned off. Overall, it helps a bit to increase the battery life.

Other option which you can use is ‘Ultra-Power Saving mode’, which you can find under batter settings. The specialty of this mode is that, it can make sure to keep the device alive for not less than 5 days. It turns off the WiFi and Bluetooth, and limits the screen usage and also stops few apps which are not in use. With this feature, you can get access to basic features like calls and sms.

2. Disable Smart Stay Feature when not in use –

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a special feature named ‘Smart Stay’ which makes the screen ON whenever you are looking at it. It uses the front camera to recognize user’s look and so battery will be drained much faster. This feature is helpful for the long-time readers and those who use the device normally can turn this feature off to increase some battery life. You can turn this thing OFF by going to ‘Settings->display->Smart Display->OFF’.

3. Adjust Brightness Manually –

Sometimes, automated brightness will be helpful, but most of the times it can drain your device’s battery. So, it is advisable to adjust the brightness of the screen manually. Whenever you are inside, make sure to decrease the brightness and whenever you are outside increase the brightness to suitable level. Also, adjust the brightness to normal level whenever you are using phone, watching videos etc.

4. Make use of suitable Wallpapers and Use original Chargers to get full potential –

Always use the wallpapers which take less power from your battery and avoid those battery draining wallpapers. You can download the official wallpapers of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 here. Try to use original Samsung charger whenever you put your device on charge. Some of the duplicate chargers will charge your device faster and at the same time the device gets discharged faster. So, in order to get use of the real potential of the battery, you need to use the original charger.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 wallpaper

5. Turn off the Unnecessary Connectivity and Updates –

Whenever the device is out of WiFi and Bluetooth zone, make sure to turn those features OFF, as it will drain the battery unnecessarily. Also, there are few useless apps which make unnecessary updates among which some may drain the battery life. So, it is highly advisable to uninstall the useless apps and allow the updates only for trusted apps. Briefing pane widget is one among them, which updates the user with latest news and features, but at the same time it drains the battery faster. So, uninstall those apps and widgets which are draining the battery.

6. Turn OFF the device when not in use –

Some people wonder the device’s battery will be discharged faster while in travelling. The reason behind this is, while travelling, the phone experiences many network connectivity errors as there are many places which doesn’t have you SIM network. So, in those areas, the battery will drain much faster and thus the battery will be discharged very soon. So, make sure to turn off your phone whenever there is no network around you.

Make sure to follow all these tips to improve the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and feel free to share with us if you find any difficulties in the battery usage.

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