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How To Enable S Pen Alerts to get Notified when you Forget the Note 5 S-Pen

Have you own Samsung Galaxy Note 5? Do you use S-Pen frequently? If the answer is yes for both of the questions, then this article is absolutely for you. We have heard so many complaints of losing the S-Pens from the Galaxy Note users. Finally, they all end up with purchasing the new S-Pen again.

Actually, there is no need to purchase the new S-Pen as in first case you shouldn’t forget the S-Pen. So, for that Samsung has provided its users an option through which they can get notified about the S-Pen. This is a simple and easy process but even then many users ignore this option and end in losing the S-Pen.

How to get Notified about Note 5 S-Pen

    • Tap on the settings option in your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
    • Under settings option, find out S-Pen option by swiping down.

Note 5 S-Pen

    • Now, make sure that S-Pen alert option is enabled as shown in the image below.

Note 5 S-Penalert

That’s it, you will now never forget you S-Pen. Wonder how? By enabling this option, you have enabled an option to sound alert and pop-up notification whenever your device doesn’t hold S-Pen. This feature will work even when you turn off your screen. So, now enable this feature and get relaxed, let it do its duty to notify you whenever you forget the S-Pen.

Other Tips

  • If you are do not want to lose your S-Pen even if you don’t use it, then make sure to keep it in a safe place and make a note of that place in your Note.
  • If you use S-Pen frequently and you don’t want to keep it along with the Note, then always put it in a nearby place so that whenever you need it, you can find it directly.
  • Always make sure to carry the S-Pen along with you whenever you are going for a vacation and in particular turn ON the S-Pen alert option so that you can be notified whenever you forget the S-Pen.

If at all you are annoyed with the S-Pen alerts option and if you have a confidence of not losing the S-Pen, then you can turn OFF the S-Pen alert option by simply following the above mentioned steps and disable it. This feature when enabled may eat up some battery and so it’s on you whether to enable the S-Pen alert feature or not. But, we advise you to enable this feature as it always keeps you notify about the S-Pen and many of the users found this very useful option.

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