Make 6-Way Free Group Video Calls with ooVoo Cross Platform Android App

The Peer to peer voice, video chat allows you to communicate among the users over the internet. Skype is the famous Video calls services which. The problem with the existing services which provides video calls and voice chat is that they want the same services to the called party and none of them supports cross platform. The ooVoo now offers free cross platform video chat that means that if you using ooVoo its needn’t require that your friends should use ooVoo and so it can make video calls on your ooVoo friends who are on Android, iPhone, PC and MAC and good thing is that you can chat with up to 5 friends together at friend.

Free Video Calls

Using this platform you can video chat with your friend who have installed OoVoo on their Android phone, PC, tablet or any other platform where OoVoo is available for download. OoVoo video chat support various latest Android tablet, device, smartphones on various platforms and Windows 7 PC as well. Visit if you want it to download this for the other platform other than Android smartphone as it available for free download on any platform.

You can call land line and mobile phone number anywhere at lowest rates but you need to add credits to make a call. Its certain that the video quality would be different depending whether you are connected over Wi FI or 3G or 4G.

How to Make OoVoo Video Calls

Follow the procedure below to make six way free video calls –

  • In the contacts tabs you will find your friends list. Now to make a video call your friend should be online on Oovoo.ooVoo Contacts List
  • You can initiate the video call by double click on your friends picture or click once on the video call icon on the right of your friend’s picture.
  • Once when the connection is live and you are on to video chat with a friend, you can always add more ooVoo friends by tap on Invite tab in the upper right corner during the video.ooVoo Contacts
  • You can see the video of all of your friends together and you can add up to six friends at once and 12 friend with premium membership of ooVoo.Oovoo video calls
  • Users can call a phone number during the video call as well. For this you need to have credit for calling and standard rates applies for that. For tat you need to click on the Invite tab at Phone and then dial your friends phone number.ooVoo Settings

ooVoo Video Call Android Apps

ooVoo Video Call is an Android Application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. You need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of ooVoo Video Call and then click on the install button to automatically proceed with installation.

Alternatively you can download it using the QR Code mentioned below. Open any of the bar code scanner application and face the camera to this square –

ooVoo Video Call

Android Advices Application Rating – 4 / 5

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