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Access Amazon AppStore outside US & Get Free Apps Daily

Amazon AppStoreBy the time you would be aware of what buzz Amazon AppStore has created. Many users were eagerly waiting for it and Android users from United States were first to taste it. For your information, Amazon AppStore is the competitor of Android Market and provides a free app giveaway daily.

With the news that Amazon AppStore first spotted in US where it was offering one paid app for free download, everyone was overjoyed and users looked to sign up with Amazon AppStore using US address. For United States users there is no hitch on using the Amazon AppStore, it works perfectly fine and they are enjoying one free paid app daily. Now users around the world shouldn’t be panic and look for alternatives of cracking Amazon AppStore who likes outside United States.

Here we have the news that Amazon AppStore has launched outside United States although the penetration of this news is not so quick but they have made it available. We have come across few reports from many sources from places such as United Kingdom and Netherlands. Also users from India were lucky to get this Amazon AppStore. For many users its live and working on their mobile phone.

For users who live in Canada can also try out using Amazon AppStore on their mobile phone and good thing is that it can be installed on any phone running on Google powered Android operating system. This seems to be a very good news for the Android users and interesting the news that one paid app for free officially from Amazon makes it a killer news.

To download this app you need to visit this link – from your mobile’s browser which will directly start downloading the application’s apk file onto your phone. Next the application would be installed onto your phone.

Amazon App Store Install Apk Amazon App Store Signin

Next you will have to signin to your Amazon account if you already have. If you don’t have any, you need to ensure that you have your Credit Card ready because that’s required to be entered when signing up for a new Amazon Account. Following this once you have logged into your account you can find all the apps listed in a very good interface.

Amazon App Store Home

You can click on the ‘Paid app a day’ free option and then download / install the listed application for free of cost. You need to tap on the ‘FREE’ button for this and following this it would be purchased / verified and downloaded to your device for free.

Amazon App Store App Download

Update : This app is not yet available in a few countries like India, but it was available randomly for a day and amazon pulled it off without giving any reasons for the same. You can try it out regularly and see if you are able to download these paid apps for free on your mobile and let us know about the same too.



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