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Access Amazon AppStore outside US & Download Paid Apps for Free

Amazon App Store LogoTill now there was only Android Market Place from where you could download all your applications for your Android device but now an all new market place has arrived and is named as the “Amazon App store”. This amazon app store not only has some serious count of applications but also comes along with a free paid application everyday which is the show stopper as every day you get a PAID App for absolutely free. This app store was there for quite a while from now but was only for the users who are located in the US but now irrespective of country from here you are from can get a secret access to this market place. If you are thinking on how then in the due course of this article we will see on how you can access the Amazon App store easily outside from US.

Please note that the credit card numbers which are listed below are the tested ones and are dummy ones which can only be used for accessing the Amazon App Store and we don’t take any responsibility if you use all the listed credit card numbers anywhere else.

Credit Card Type

Credit Card Number

American Express


American Express


American Express Corporate


Australian Bank Card


Diners Club


Diners Club




















Processor-specific Cards

Dankort (PBS)


Dankort (PBS)


Switch/Solo (Paymentech)


So, before you proceed to get an access to the Amazon market Place, you will have to ensure that you have got a credit card of United States. Don’t worry if you haven’t got the one then you can enter the details of the Credit card from the below mentioned table which can only be used at Amazon App store for registration with the Amazon App Store. So, now let’s proceed on how you can create the US Amazon Account.

Procedure to Access Amazon App Store Outside US:

  • To get started first up you will have to go to the Amazon App Store web page where you will have to enter the details like your email ID along with the password and then you will have to choose the option as “No, I am a new customer”. You can refer the below screen shot for more clarity.
  • amazon App Store RegistrationNow, after entering the details, you will have to click on the “Sign in using the Secure Server” option after which you will be taken to the next page wherein you will see the screen which is shown in the below screen shot. In this step you will have to enter in the details like your name, email address twice, mobile number and also the password needs to be entered. Now, once you enter all these details, all you need to do is to just click on the “Create Account” tab which is as shown in the below screen shot.

Registration Amazon

  • Now as soon as you proceed to the next step, you will see that the account will be successfully registered and then you are ready with your all new Amazon Account. You can see that after successful registration the following screen will be shown,

amazon Account

  • After this you will have to visit the Amazon App Store and then you will see that straightaway you will find the free app listed on your screen as shown in the screen shot below,

App Store Front View

  • Now, next up you will see that an option will be there which is “Get App”. Just click on the same after which it will prompt you to enter your mobile number so that it will send you the link for the same. Now, before you proceed to the downloading the application from the link received you will have to first ensure that the outside applications are being allowed to enter into your phone which by default is set to “NOT”.
  • Now, from your device and go to “Settings” after which go to Applications as shown in the below screen shot.

Android Settings

  • After this, you will see a screen as shown in the below screen shot wherein you will see an option called “unknown sources”. Just select the same so that the check mark is shown after this option.

unknown Sources

  • As soon as you select this option a prompt will be shown on which all you need to do is to just tap on the “OK” option after which you will see a green check mark  against this option which means that now unknown sources options has been successfully activated.

unknown sources Prompt

  • That’s it, now you need to download this apk file in your phone or can download in your computer and then you can move the same to your phone by connecting the phone to the computer with the help of USB cable. Now, after this you will have to set up the billing address which you will have to enter it in the My details section. The billing address can too be given as the dummy one which you can get from the web site as it compiles all the dummy information and gives a real look alike user data which can be made use of in filling the personal details in the Amazon App Store.
  • Now, to set up a phone number, you will have to again enter the US phone number which again can be taken from the above mentioned site itself or also you can enter the numbers which are starting from the +1 digit.
  • That’s it now after setting up all the above details along with the payment as well as the dummy address details you will now have to download this apk file of Amazon App Store to your computer and then need to move this to your phone. After moving this apk file to your phone, you need to open the same in your phone to install it.

Amazon App Store

  • As soon as the application is installed after which just follow the onscreen instructions which includes the entering of login credentials which you have given at the time of registration. That’s it you have now successfully setted up the Amazon App Store on your Android and you are ready for installing the free app of the day and also not to forget about the millions of other apps which are present in the Amazon App Store.

That’s it you have now successfully setted up the Amazon App Store on your Android device. Do let us know if you face any issues with this Amazon App Store as we will try our  level best to fix all your queries as soon as possible. Just in case if you have missed out an all new look of Android Market Place then you can get the same here for your Android and don’t worry its official.



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