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South Korean’s Download the Most Android Apps – World Ranks & Statistics

Today we are going to share with you some very interesting facts and information shared by Google Android team on the 10 Billion Downloads celebration through a Infographic and the best part of this is that you get to know about a few facts which can blow up your mind.

Lets get started with the Top Countries which downloaded the most Android Applications which we were actually expecting it to be the United States of America because of the high Internet penetration but it came out as a surprise that South Korea which is the Home of Samsung & LG is leading at #1 place for this. Now the reason for this would be that South Korea has one of the highest Internet Speeds available to the users which would have given them a better choice to stay online all the time and make sure of these speeds to try out different applications all the time. Though its not clear that what is the average downloads / user in South Korea. The next country is Hong Kong followed by Taiwan leaving US to rank #4 followed by Singapore, Sweden, Israel, Denmark, Netherland & Norway.

Top Android Apps Downloads Countries

Another reason for US being at #4 would be that the American Consumers are actually divided between Android & iOS Platform which is the reason the downloads would have been lower while in most of the countries iOS is still not a hit because its mainly limited to western countries only.

To give you more interesting information, Google has shared a few statistics on the time when the most App downloads are done and the time when the least downloads are done which are Sunday 09:00 PM & Monday 04:00 AM respectively.

The next most interesting stats were that the growth rate of the Apps download is just increasing year on year and in December 2011 Android Market crossed 10 Billion downloads which is a huge number, following which Google has started 10 days of celebrations by offering high costing apps at just 10 cents each with the total count being 10 apps per day. This will help all the Android Users try out these different paid apps at a very low price.

Android Market Growth

The next interesting report is the Most Downloads by Categories which can give you a hint on what users are mostly interested in and what the Android Device users generally download once they buy a new device.

Top Android Apps Downloads Categories

As you can find in the above report, around 25% of the users generally download Games which clearly indicates that the audience is of the age group of 18-30 and not higher than that because under these Games, the most downloaded are again under the ‘Arcade’ category. Apart from that the next best category is Entertainment which gives you another hint that the audience is mostly teenagers who are looking to spend time on their device by playing games, watching movies, listening to movies or doing stuff just to kill their time and not actually using their devices for increasing productivity or doing something more important.

In generally what do you use your Android Device for? Is it for Business, Fun, Entertainment or everything?



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