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Download ClockworkMod Tether App for Un-Rooted Android Devices

Can you share your data connection on your Android phone with that of your desktop or laptop? Possible solution is through Wi-Fi tethering. Tethering, in case you are new to this term, defined as the term to turn your device work as wireless modem. USB tethering is the new development by which you can also share your data connection with various devices using USB connectivity. But just wait as there is lot of confusion over what you can do and what not especially when it’s on Android as carriers in United States charge you separately on the tethering plans. Still you can tether without notification to carrier until you are not download thousands of Gbs. That is about Wi-Fi tethering or USB tethering, in this particular context we are concerned about USB tethering and how to achieve it.

ClockworkMod Tether is an application which is almost ready i.e., still under alpha yet available enabling wireless tethering on your devices. The difference between this and the most other solution like PDaNet is that this works without your phone being rooted doesn’t require monthly tethering plan and most importantly it will not be caught by your carriers.

USB tethering

This application is with not much care to the icons and user interface is general as it’s not final. The application is quite simple to install and there is no need of instructions, because this app can be installed so easily. Download the Mac, Linux and Windows client and the Android Apk.

This application comes from the Koushik Data developer who has also developed ROM Manager and Clockwork Mod applications which are must have Android applications, officially a member of CyanogenMod team. You might face various issues during the installation as this application is still in Alpha release, expect final release in January second week.



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