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Best Android e-Readers 2011 Christmas Gift Ideas

Welcome to tech Christmas Gift Guide for the year 2011 on Android Advices! In this gift guide we have already provided few ideas on gifting Android phones, Android tablets and Android mp3 players. As we specialized for Android related stuff, in this article we will go through the best Android based e-Readers which you can gift to your near and dear ones.

An ebook Reader or the e-Reader is a portable device designed to read digital books. The modern evolution of e-Readers are the tablet computers though e-Readers are still existing in the market because of its main advantage being these device offers better readability of their screens especially in bright sunlight and provider longer battery life.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon KindlePriced at $ 79, the Amazon Kindle is the best ebook reader with Wi-Fi network access capabilities. It’s loaded with 2 GB of internal memory and supports browsing and downloads of ebook via a default browser. The Amazon Kindle is a great fift for those who have a limited budget on their mind. This version of Kindle is the fourth generation of Kindle’s and it’s powered with six-inch Pearl E ink display.

Amazon Kindle is available in two variants of $ 79 ad supported and $ 109 non-ad supported versions. The newer version of Kindle has five hard keys. This ebook reader has a battery life of one month approximately.


  • Weights less than 6 ounces
  • 6 inches display screen size
  • Includes the option of Wi-Fi internet access
  • Uses advanced E ink display

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Barnes and Noble Simple Touch

Barnes & Noble NOOK TouchThe Barnes and Noble introduce Simple Touch an ebook reader with ultra-light and super thin form factor. It has 6 inches touchscreen display and uses the world’s most advanced E Ink Pearl display with 25 % faster page turns. It’s also includes the option of internet access through Wi-Fi wireless and free Wi-Fi at Barnes and Noble stores and AT & T hotspots nationwide.

It includes 2 GB of internal memory to behold 1,000 books along with microSD card slot to add up to 32 GB of memory. With access to Nook Bookstore you get to add 2.5 million titles with new releases, best seller for just $ 9.99.


  • 2 months of battery life
  • Access to Wi-Fi wireless internet
  • 2GB + microSD card slot
  • 25 % faster in rendering the pages

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Sony Reader Wi-Fi

Sony eReaderSony has been in the e-reader section for quite some time now, but has failed to make any impact like that of Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble. The 6 inches light weighted Sony Reader is designed for hours of comfort reading. It’s added with pinch to zoom in and out feature and wirelessly shop for books, magazines and newspapers at Reader Store to get instant access to websites. On top of that it’s a Wi-Fi enabled tablet and a browser added to it makes its perfectly suitable for reading ebooks, downloading them from online.

Along with that you can add more books with 2 GB of internal memory  and microSD media card expand your storage to 32 GB in size.


  • Access 2 million titles at Reader Store
  • 2GB included RAM along with microSD card slot
  • Provided with headphones to listed to audio books and music

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Kobo eReader Touch

Kobo eBook ReaderThe Kobo eReader is an amazing designed and travel friendly reader. It’s loaded with new and improved features with super-fast page turns, enhanced power management and storage up to 30,000 ebooks. It has 6 inches E Ink display screen with touchscreen support and includes 1 GB of built-in memory.

Kobo eReader includes the option of access to internet using Wi-Fi to downloaded ebooks on the go. It has 2 GB of internal storage along with microSD card slot provision to allocated 30,000 eBooks and comes with 1 month of battery life on a full charge.


  • 2 GB + 32 GB expandable with microSD card slot
  • Includes the option of Wi-Fi
  • 6 inches Pearl high contrast E Ink display

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