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Earn Gift Cards from Amazon Xbox & Dominos with Bing Rewards Program for Android

Bing Rewards has recently announced the launch of Bing Rewards program which is available for IOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This program from Microsoft Bing allows users to make use of incentive programs which lets users to earn credits from the gift cards like Amazon, XBOx and Dominos. Though few more partners will be soon added to the list, these are the 3 biggies which will be offering the credits. The only funny part of this app is that it’s still in the works for the Windows Phones. To make use of this Bing Rewards app, you will be needing to have either a Microsoft account or you can alternatively login via your facebook ID.

How Bing Rewards Work?

Once you sign into the Bing rewards app in your Andoid device with the Microsoft or the Facebook account, a dashboard will be shown with customized offers tailor made for you based on various demographics. Additionally, you will also be able to track the credits which is very simple to do so and also allows to earn additional credits on your phone. In the Bing Rewards dashboard, you can also check out the credit balance at the bottom portion of the screen. Once the rewards are accumulated, you can then redeem the credit balance in the mobile version of redemption center so that one can redeem and use digital gift cards and coupons. These redemption techniques work on the go. Redeem credits for a selection of gift cards, donations, and sweepstakes entries.

Bing Rewards

As of now Bing Rewards is only supported in selected countries like USA. This service will soon be released globally in few months. Do let us know your comments below as we will be more than happy to hear from you on this.


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