Android Keyboard Alternatives – Best Apps you can Download

For most of us, the Android’s integrated keyboard does the job. You are probably already aware that without a means of comfortably inputting data into your phone – your phone is little more than a paper weight which is awkward to use. You may not have any specific gripes with how well your Android’s keyboard works but just want to try something different or something that better suits the aesthetic appeal of your phone and keeps within the boundaries of any theme you have going on with your Android’s interface. Alternatively you may despise your Android’s keyboard and it is the one thing that is holding your Android back from being the ultimate smart phone. You need not worry if either of these things are what bothers you – you can always change the keyboard.

Android Keyboard Woes Got You Down

There are a variety of third party keyboard apps available. Following is a short list of some of the keyboard apps available:

1. Swype

Probably the most well known of the alternate Android keyboards out there. Nice spacing and easy to use and implement keyboard. Most Android phones support this app and it is easy to change between this and other in built keyboards that your Android may have.

2. Swiftkey

This is another pretty popular third party keyboard. It is a nice keyboard and relatively easy to use. I actually don’t see much of a difference in terms of functionality between this and Swype. It offers the same auto-complete function as Swype (similar to what you see offered by regular text messaging input solutions in older phones) although it is a little more advanced than what Swype offers.

3. Better Keyboard

I actually use this myself – I have big fingers and find the keyboard that is offered by Better Keyboard a little more forgiving with my clumsy fingers. The buttons are slightly bigger than those offered by Swype and Swiftkey and I am less likely to hit the W or R key when trying to type anything that has an E in it. It also has a wide variety of themes (or skins) that you can set. The only realy down fall is that it requires a third party .apk file in order to utilise the auto-complete function if you don’t have the stock Android keyboard installed in your phone.

4. Thick Buttons

Similar to Better Keyboard – but has even thicker (or bigger buttons). I have nothing against Thick Buttons as such but it didn’t grab me like Better Keyboard did. It offers pretty much the same functionality as the other keyboards but it seemed a little less responsive to the touch than the previously mentioned keyboards.

There are more keyboards out there and I probably haven’t covered the cream of the crop (however, Swiftkey and Swype seem to be the more popular third party options out there). Some people will find this information useless because they rely on voice input or are happy with the solutions offered with their phone. However, keyboards are important as a poor keyboard can be detrimental to our experiences with our phones.

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