JuiceDefender – Best Tool to Save Battery Power on Android Devices

As well as having an awesome name for an app – JuiceDefender is actually a very useful tool for prolonging the life of your battery. JuiceDefender doesn’t work with the aesthetics of your phone as such; it actually controls the connections to help save the power consumed with having the phone scouring various networks constantly. Your Android phone is constantly working for you. Checking your email and scouring the airwaves for connections. JuiceDefender allows you to have it scan what it needs to scan for new data at set intervals that you set. If you are sitting in front of a computer and use Gmail then you are likely to have Google Talk open anyway – so you aren’t going to really need to scan your email using your phone constantly. You can also set it up depending on a variety of other factors.

JuiceDefender Save Battery Power

If your battery is getting low you can set JuiceDefender up to shut down non-essential services. You can also set it up to shut them down depending on the time of the day or when specific functions have been done. You can also set it up to shut down certain functions when the phone is situated in a certain place. For example, if your phone is out of range of any known networks – you can set it up to shut down the WiFi component of your Android phone. Pretty nifty! As far as scheduling goes, you can set it up to only broadcast and accept a signal at certain times of the day. If you don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night by a message or phone call then you can set it up to shut down all connectivity during the night. If you work in any sort of emergency service then this is probably not a good idea. For the rest of us it is great.

JuiceDefender isn’t free – I should warn you – nor is it expensive. It is around $4 and for the price it is well worth it. If you combine it with other battery saving techniques you will find your battery charge will last as long as an extra day or two depending on how active your phone is when it does need to scan the airwaves for incoming or outgoing signals. It is also a good little timesaver. Some people hate being bothered with a barrage of emails constantly (me included) by setting it up to check email hourly it can help productivity as well. For the price of the app versus the amount of extra productivity and power you are saving the app virtually pays for itself. I should note that I am not affiliated with the developers – I actually do really find the app useful.

So if you find your battery power disappearing relatively fast and don’t want to be distracted with constant messages, email and calls when working – it is worth checking out. It is relatively simple to use and most of the functions have a nice little tool tip which explains what they do.



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