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kill android apps logoThere are many applications which can kill the running of applications in the background along with the monitoring of the processes which run in background sometimes without consent. So let’s check out an all-round app which will allow you to kill the apps which run in background effectively without consuming much of you device’s RAM so that your device will not be slowed down after installing this application. The name of the application is the A+ Elite Task Killer which basically is the task manager application which monitors the running processes along with the memory usages of the individual applications and also most importantly this app keeps a record of the apps which are killed previously.

Elite task killerabout elite task killer

With a nice overall fresh and simple interface, you can select the applications which you want to terminate. All you need to do is to first install this app and after opening the file you just need to select the app which you wish to terminate and that’s it your selection to terminate the app will be processed instantly. This app is in turn is very useful as many times most of the applications doesn’t come with proper exit options and where the requirement of apps like A+ Elite Task Killer is felt. You can easily download this app from the Android Market place. To download this app from Android Market place, just select the search option and type in the name as “A+ Elite task manager” and select search, you will get the app listed on your screen, now simply select the app to download and install.



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