Android L Keyboard Available on Google Play for any Android Phone – Details, Download Link

It’s time for Android L now as the developer preview comes we also get the Android L keyboard on Google play store for free. This keyboard has been developed at XDA and it is available as a separate download. This keyboard will work on all the KitKat devices, either rooted or non-rooted. This app was launched by Shen Ye who is a XDA TV producer. This a good app since the Android L is buzzing around the market now and people will have the chance of previewing this version.

This app was launched few hours ago that is a part of the Android L developer preview that has been made available only for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices. This app should be downloaded on to your device and installed and later should go to the Settings of your device and click on the Keyboard or the Language and Input and turn on the Android L Keyboard. After this go to the advance settings and change the colour scheme to material and you are done and ready to use it.

Android L Keyboard

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Now you can use this Android L keyboard as your default keyboard that is ready to be used after selecting it from the Notification bar. This is an elegant looking keyboard that has all the features like suggestions and the swipe features that we have seen with other regular keyboards. This will be working only on devices that run on Android KitKat operating system as we tested on devices that run Android Jelly Bean and although it got installed, there was nothing we could do to select it in the Settings.

The developer preview of the Android L is been updated on our devices and we would be coming with all the changes and new features that have come with this version. Google has not pointed out any particular date when this official update will be coming but we are sure it will be coming in the near future. The Android L Keyboard can be downloaded from the Google Play for free by clicking (here).



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