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Good news! No more invites needed. You can download the beautiful home screen personalization app, Aviate, which is now called Yahoo Aviate, thanks to the acquisition by Yahoo!, who made the app even more useful and better than it was earlier, and the app is now out of beta. In the new Yahoo Aviate app, you would be able to select a few topics, and the 10 frequently used apps and they get organized later with the intelligent engine of the app doing the job.

Setting up the work and home locations isn’t any different but there is a lot to check about, apart from that. The reason why I earlier too loved this app, was that it showed me the suggestions for places around my current location, and I didn’t have to go search for the places in search engines. Also, things get personalized when you set particular locations and set up the widgets and events for that.

Yahoo Aviate App 1

Yahoo Aviate App 3

Yahoo Aviate App 2


Download Yahoo Aviate App for Android: Play Store Link


Aviate App 2You get to see different home screens on the several smartphones from different brands, such as the TouchWiz UI in the various Samsung Android smartphones, the innovative and better interfaces in the Sony and HTC smartphones, and the latest Amigo interface. Although I am not a fan of the TouchWiz and I really am not impressed with the Amigo in the Gionee smartphone, there are several launchers available in the Play Store but the latest one is Aviate, which takes the personalization and changes of the home screen to the next level, and you are introduced to something that makes your Android phone experience a lot different.

Still in the Beta version, the Aviate app takes you into a totally new home in the Android smartphone, and I am impressed with the way I can change the modes and apps to use on particular times, like in Work / Office, Home, Sleep time etc. Rather than having a wallpaper on the background, having an almost full screen photo of yours above a dock of apps looks a lot better. That’s what makes Aviate appeal well, with a lot more. Let me talk more about it before giving you a few invites if you wanted to try it out.

To keep it simple and easier for the users to understand, you get to see different home screens and apps based on your activity – After you wake up, while driving, during dinner and while sleeping. You don’t have to do the changes by yourself and it all happens automatically. There would be a total of three screens which could have everything that you need. The best thing here is the simple colors on the background and the differently looking icons because of that. The screenshots would portray it a lot better for you to understand.

Aviate App 8 Aviate App 10 Aviate App 9

Spaces – This is the section that would take care of the various changes to the apps and interface when the time shift occurs, or when you reach office from home, or when or you wake up or are about to sleep.

Collections – This is where the intelligence of the app comes into use, as it automatically sends the app into various sections based on whether you are using it for work, using it for social networking, for music, or for traveling and it’s some other categories based on the app type.

A-Z Apps – If at all you are actually confused with the collections, and don’t seem to find an app in the right section, the A-Z apps list would have all the installed applications in alphabetical order and that makes it easier for the users to search.

At a particular location, you can set your workplace and your home location, so that the app would remember that and whenever the device reaches that place, the apps would be categorized with the favorite apps changed based on the location. For example, at home before sleep, I would want to use the apps like Alarm, Whatsapp etc. and that would appear automatically in that place.

Best places around – This was quite a surprise, as the featured photo on the main screen when swiped down, would show some excellent stuff like the best places to hang around, places to eat and these would be around your current location.

Aviate App 6 Aviate App 11 Aviate App 7

Aviate App 5 Aviate App 4 Aviate App 3

There are two color themes – light and dark, and there’s a lot of customization possibilities with Aviate, and for the first time, I have actually liked a custom launcher as Aviate is something very neat. And very much better than the TouchWiz UI of Samsung. Only if you try, you can know what I’m talking about. This is a private beta as of now, so you will need an invite to try out the Aviate app.

Get Invite for Aviate Beta App! (This offer has ended, as you can directly download Aviate and start using it now)

Why not make a chain? We have 15 Invites available for our readers, and we would be sending them to you once you comment below with your email address. Once you get the invite, do comment here and help others by sharing the invites you get into your account.

Download Aviate from Play Store: Link



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