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Angry Birds full version for Android – Launch Today

The release of the full version of Angry Birds app for Android was delayed due to the non-functionality with the multi-tasking of android, but now the app works with the multi-tasking so that when you quit the app, you can come back to the same place where you were before.

The tweets did indicate about the launch of the paid version, later in the evening today but there is no news about the pricing. got the demo and they were able to capture a few screenshots of the application while playing the game, which indicates the following things –

  • Supports multitasking – Once you hit the home button to quit the app temporarily, opening the app again would keep you at the same place where you were before quitting.
  • Internal memory required is 1.8 MB and Apps2SD is supported too.
  • Total of 150 levels, and 3 sections – Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax, and Danger Above.
  • Golden eggs, the bonus level that was seen on the full version in iPhone, is also there.
  • There are ads displayed in the bottom, but when its going to be a paid one, then why the ads?

Lets wait for the launch! Stay tuned.



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