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Facebook for Android updated – Groups, Places added

Facebook finally made the Android users happy, with certain changes that would make the users stick to the application and read the news feed, updates, comment there and even interact in the new groups feature of theirs, all within the app.

facebook for android updated facebook for android groups

The new features that you would see in the updated Facebook for Android
News feed – Now its available directly in the application, and the app isn’t limited to just the notifications. You can check the status updates, update your status and comment on the status right away from the app.
Groups – The Facebook groups feature that was newly added to the social network, is now accessible and browsed through the android phone app too.
Places: share where you are with friends, see where friends are, discover places nearby.
Notifications sections has been improved.

facebook for android news feed facebook for android notifications

Just update the application from the Android Market, or download it by searching the app in the market.



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