Apps to Make Conference Call with Android Phones

Conferences calls are important accordingly to their needs. For businesses they are important for calling the third-party or calling the branch offices for video conversation or video guide. The conference calls can also be used for entertainment or social life such as group call or party calls. These conference calls provides break from boredom life and also are meant for socialize with others.

Usually if you want to connect conversation with two or three peoples it can be easily achieved on mobile phone but when it comes to conferencing it with more people than its slight harder to do that.

Here are few of the conference calls services apps which provide connecting with users.


As the name of the app indicates you can make calls with your friends and talk to them. This app allows you to make quick calls with your group contacts in your mobile. You can use this app on your Android mobile phone to plan a long time chat with girlfriend, hold business meeting, party invitation calls and open talk with your friends.

Talk2Group conference calls is easily done by setting up a subject for the calls, app people from your contacts list and then inviting participants to join the group calls. When you add a contact for group call it will send a message with personalized invitation. Now to join group call you need to call the phone number provided in the invitation which is a local Talk2Group number. You can join the call right away or afterward when others have joined. This app also provides the call history feature which allows you to reuse the previous invitation.

Talk2Group is a free Android app and it’s free to use. Each participant individually pays for the call charges to dial to their local Talk2Group number, so that means that you can connect to any users in the world and they just need to pay the operator normal call rates. To run Talk2Group conference calls apps only one user need to have installed Talk2Group app and others users can be from any platform.


Moshi is an Android application for free install which can provide conference calls for phones, Skype and GTalk numbers. You can simply connect with your friends, co workers for team work and business partners via phone, Skype and GTalk/Gmail.

Moshi doesn’t ask for others to install this app for making conference calls. With simple interface where you put the desired numbers/Skype or Google Talk into the list and click on ‘Start Conference calls’ will allow you to invite people for conference calls.

Free Conference Calls

Free Conference Calls is an another Android app providing you to make free conference calls with no time. Just install this app, click on ‘Start a free conference’ and you would be given the telephone number, conference number and the moderator pin. There are absolutely no charges for calling the users in conference.



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