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AVG Android Security Suite for Contacts, Call Logs, Bookmarks, Apps, and SMS.

AVG MobiliationAVG, one of the free, trusted and the best security suites brand has now stepped into the World of Android, yes after all Android is one of the master blasters of the operating system which is fast pacing its growth just because of a simple reason called customization. And when we are talking of amalgamation of both Customization and security then what better than AVG which was previously known as “Droid Security”. Almost hundreds and thousands of phones get lost every day and more than the phone the data is the cause of concern as you can anytime buy the phone but the data which was stored in the phone has always a fear of getting misused and also backup is the biggest issue.

Since most of us don’t count ourselves in the list of tomorrows phone losers we don’t opt for any sorts of security suites or even don’t take pains in configuring the mobile tracker apps which is the most and the first important thing which you should do after buying phones, but since this involves series of registration processes one loses interest in configuring them but all thanks to AVG Antivirus Free edition which not only sports best of the class antivirus support but also comes with a simple, effective and easily configurable mobile tracker with which you can lock and wipe the device remotely, locate the lost or the stolen Android device and also you can manage the applications remotely and also as a bonus this app protects you from all Spam SMS.

How to use this application:

  • First up to get started you will have to download the application for which the links are mentioned at the end of this article, after downloading the application in your Android phone, you will have to copy the same in your Android phone and need to install the same.
  • Applications

  • Now, next up after installing the app, you just need to go to “Applications” and need to tap on the “Antivirus” Application after which you will see a notification wherein you will have to accept the terms and conditions as mentioned below by tapping on the “Accept” tab,
  • Accept ConditionsNow, after accepting the terms and conditions, you are ready to experience the magic of this application as next up you will have to tap on the capsule to start the scan so that it will search for any threats or the malicious files as you can see in the below snapshot,
  • Tap on CenterNow, as soon as you tap on the capsule on the screen, you will see that the scanning will begin instantaneously as shown in the below screen shot.
  • Scanning

  • After scanning, if there are any potential threats then it will notify you in the following form of the screen as shown below,
  • Suspicious item found

  • So, if there are any suscpicious items then it will be shown and the same can be fixed on the spot as you can see in the below screen shot after clicking on the Settings,
  • Fix Suspicious item

  • Next up, after fixing the errors and threats if any then you will be taken to the settings page where you can select from the host of options ranging from upgrading to the pro version, can modify the security settings, remote management, tools and also you can manage this security suite in your favorite language so as to keep it you.
  • Settings 1

  • If you select the security settings then you will see that there are quite a few options which are like Update now, update frequency, auto scan option, real time scanning, scan text message for any threats, safe uninstall option which can be configured as per your needs and requirements as shown in the below screen shot.
  • Security Settings

  • Next up in the remote management option you will see that you can select and configure the options like, Central protect, enable lost message, lost message which yo wish to receive and also the applications which all you wish to synchronize.
  • Remote Management

  • Also, there are many other options like Tools with which you can have a control on various things which are like Find R, file scanner which can scan the files for any potential threats and also with this you can scan the selected folders and files, with task killer you can kill the apps which just behaves like the task manager or may be clear RAM function, with App locker you can lock the applications and also other tools includes back up beta as well as the app back up which is the trail version.
  • Tools

  • Now, after configuring this you will have to configure the remote management service with which you will be able to remotely manage your phone, after clicking on the “Remote” option you will see many options as shown in the below screen shot.


  • Now, you will have to tap on the “Registration” tab after which you will be asked to enter in the email address and after this just select on “OK” to proceed as shown below,
  • RegistrationNow, as soon as you enter in the email address you will be receiving the mail from the team AVG which is shown in the below screen shot where in all the recovery details along with the detailed set of instructions from the Service provider with which you will be able to find your phone very easily as you can see in the mail snap shot given below.
  • Find R Mail

  • Now, after this all you need to do is to just visit the AVG Droid Security’s web site and then you will have to just enter the email id and the pass code which you will be getting in the mail so that with which you can control your phone remotely as shown in the below screen shot. To manage, you will have to visit the droid security’s products page and need to login with the credentials.
  • Mobile Control Panel

  • As soon as you login you will see that the map will be shown with exact location of the phone as you can see the same below and also you can lock and wipe the phone completely remotely with the help of a simple command which will be found in the PC interface itself.
  • Phone Location

So, there you go, you have now successfully found your phone with the AVG Android Security suite and also you can easily manage all your contacts, sms, call log, book marks apps and also even all your smses will be in your control as you also now have power to keep all spam sms at bay. Do, let us know if you face any issues with this app, we will help you out with the same.

To download you can directly download from the Android Market place by scanning the QR Code or you can also download the zipped folder in which the APK file is there, do note that for unzipping if the password is prompted then you will have to enter the password as, and then you can copy the apk file in your Android phone to install  and use the same.

Download AVG Droid Security Suite:

AVG Security Suite QR Code

AVG Droid Security Suite zipped APK


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