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Backup SMS & your Calls Log to Google Calendar on Android

Android PINK LogoWith flurry of firmware updates for your Android based phones and with so many un organized backups, the time has now arrived wherein you will not even lose all your precious sms as well as even the call log in your Android after flashing the firmware or just like that if your phone gets lost or encounters with data corruption. With an application called the SMS Back up and restore as well as the call track application you will neither lose the sms nor the call logs which will be pushed to the Google Calendar and which the same can be retrieved easily at any point of time whenever required. So, let’s check out both the applications which will help you to back up and restore all your smses as well as the call log.

Call Track:

With the application called the Call track you can push all the call logs ranging from the incoming as well as the outgoing call along with even the missed call entries to your Google Calendar directly without any sort of manual intervention and all you need to do is to first pair this app with your Google Calendar and the rest will be taken care by this application.

You can set when you want to maintain the call log and when not to as with the help of the toggle ON / OFF option. I would suggest you to set a different calendar for all your call log or it will mess up your Calendar completely if you are the heavy user of Google’s calendar. You can create the new calendar by Google Calendar > Calendar Settings > Calendars > Create new Calendar after which a new category will be setted up automatically and all the call logs will be getting stored in this category itself and will sync all the details on its own automatically.

How to download and use Call Track?

  • First up you will have to go to the Android Market Place and need to search for the Application called “Call Track“, after tapping on Go or Enter, you will get the search result and select the “Call Track” app and open the same to click on FREE and download the same to install the same as shown below

Call track in Android Market

  • Now, next up after downloading, you will see in the home screen that the app has been successfully downloaded on your Android phone as you can see in the below snapshot.

Call Track App downloaded

  • Now, you will have to tap on the Call Track application to open the same as shown below,

Call Track Preferences

  • Now, after opening the application you will see that the call preferences will be shown at the start of the application wherein you need to set in your preferences so that the settings get saved and then you can enjoy the call track services right on your Google Calendar. You can select from the options like logging the incoming calls, outgoing calls and also the missed calls can be tracked easily after which you need to tap on the calendar as shown below.


  • As soon as you tap on the calendar you will see that you will get three options, choose the calendar of your preferred and proceed by tapping on the same which you wish to select.

Log Calls to Calendar

  • Now, as you select the preference, the preference will be displayed under the Calendar option as you can see in the above screen shot and there you go you have now successfully configured the Google Calendar with the Call track application and now all your calls will be logged successfully in your Google Calendar.

SMS Backup and Restore

Now, in the next application let’s see on how you can easily back up all your smses easily with a simple app called SMS Backup and Restore with which you can not only backup all your sms but also you can restore back all your sms back into your Android phone. Before we proceed for on how you can use this application on your Android phone make sure that you have the USB cable with you as you will have to transfer the back up file of the sms on your computer as it will be safe and can be restored whenever required.

How to download and use SMS Backup & Restore Application:

  • First up you will have to go to the Android Market Place and then you will have to download the application called “SMS Backup and Restore” which can be searched easily in the Android Market Place as shown below.

SMS Backup & Restore app in Market

  • After finding the application, you will have to tap on “FREE” tab and after which you can select the application and after downloading you will see a notification on your main home screen as shown below.

App downloaded

  • Now, all you need to do is to just simply tap on the application after which the application will be opening up as shown below,

Home screen of SMS Backup and Restore

  • Now, after opening you will find an option called “Backup”, now as soon as you click on this tab all the messages will be backed up and you can set the desired name for this file and this file will be in the XML format. But before that you will have to create a folder which is named as “SMSBackupRestore” in the “”My files option which is shown in the next step.

Tap on My FilesCreate folderName the folderFolder Created

  • For creating the folder, all you need to do is to first go to Applications, find the “My Files” folder, click on the Menu button and select the option called “Create folder” after which the folder name will be asked where in you will have to enter the folder name as the “SMSBackupRestore” as it is and tap on “Ok” after which the folder will be created as shown int he above chronological screen shots pattern.
  • Now, when you backup the messages, there xml format file will be there in this folder and the same can be copied in the desktop of your computer so that you can transfer the same back to this folder and then can be restored by opening this application and click on the Restore tab after which you will have to select the xml file which you wish to restore.

There you go, you have now successfully created the backup of all your sms and also you have easily learnt on how you can restore the messages too in your Android phone also in the first part we saw on how you can easily maintain and backup all the call logs of your phone right from missed calls to the outgoing and incoming calls.

Scan to Download Call Track App:

Scan to Download Call Track

Scan to Download Call Track

Scan to Download SMS Backup & Restore App:

QR Code SMS Backup and Restore

Scan to download SMS Backup and Restore

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