Download BBM for Android 2.3.3 & Higher on Google PLAY Store & APK File

BBM had earlier mentioned that they were working for the Android Gingerbread devices and finally the App is here which is compatible with 2.3.3 and higher. Click on the link given at the end of this article to download this version which is right now available as a APK file and not as a app on the Play Store.

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After playing hide and seek when it came to BBM for Android, Blackberry finally released the much awaited BBM for Android Client on Google PLAY Store. Blackberry has gone for a toss after launching Z10 and Q10 smartphones as it still couldn’t influence good number of users and eventually more and more number of corporate users started to move to Android. We have been hearing about the BBM for Android for a while and it’s a serious competition to the messengers like Hike etc. WhatsApp might not get impacted immediately but if WhatsApp doesn’t buck up then may be in coming years to come BBM for Android may just race ahead. Blackberry initially launched its BBM product for Aussies and then it took off its app from the PLAY Store due to some reasons and its back again. We have also mentioned the screen captures on how it looks like.

Installation and Configuring ofBBm seems pretty much simple, all you need to do is to just follow the simple on screen instructions. BBM for Android is now available globally.

Screenshot_2013-09-17-00-04-05 Screenshot_2013-09-17-00-04-17 Screenshot_2013-09-17-00-04-20 Screenshot_2013-09-17-00-03-38 Screenshot_2013-09-17-00-03-12

Now, when Blackberry too has accepted the fact that it’s impossible to get people back from Android to BB platform, Blackberry came up with BBM for Android product to cater the people who love BBM. So let’s check out on how you can install the most awaited BBM for Android in your smartphone. While WhatsApp and Hike might just get a temporary temporary fear with BBM launching for Android, it will be totally on Blackberry now on how it will be convincing to adopt its product. We have mentioned a download link with which you can download BBM for Android.

Do let us know in the comments section about your thoughts on this BBM for Android getting launched.

Download BBM for Gingerbread Devices
Download BBM for Android

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