Facebook Slingshot now Globally Available on Google Play Store – Details, Download Link

Facebook Slingshot app that is a new messaging app which lets the users to share a picture or a video of 15 seconds length to the Facebook friends was introduced last week in US. Now this app has been announced globally announced and is available on the Google play store for free. This is a unique app that will unlock a shot until you send back one.


This app was launched last week and is now available for everyone. This is a more creative way of sharing something so that you know each other in better way. Once you swipe a short away then it will not be visible anymore and moreover you can express your moods and feeling by adding captions and drawings on the image.

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Slingshot is a new Android app that has been released for better and easier sharing. This Slingshot app is launched by Facebook in competition with the Snapchat that will let you to take photo or a video and edit them with some text or color and share it with your group of friends. Interestingly this app is something different to all the messaging apps that you use these days, where you can read or see the message as soon as you receive it but it is not the case with Slingshot, as you need to send a shot back in order to view the shot (message) that you receive. The sharing of the shot that we see in this app is something like trading, give something to get something. Isn’t this exciting?

How does it Work?

Initially you need to download the application and sign up with either your Facebook account or even your mobile number. Later after logging in you need to add contacts from your friends list. When you open the app, it will directly take you to its camera and that has the shoot button to take a snapshot and also has a selfies button also. This photo can be sent to the group that you want with adding a text up to 140 characters or you can also add some colours or draw a picture on it. You also have the option of sending a video, but it should be a short video, not more than 15 seconds.

Slingshort app 2

This slingshot can be sent to selected contacts or friends from Slingshot and they will be able to view it until they send a short back to you. You need to have a Facebook account to use this application and unlike the Snapchat application there is no limit on the message expiration so user can see the shot whenever they want to.

Slingshort 3

The Slingshot app will give a mixed feel to the users as some might send a shot in assumption of receiving one and others might be getting annoyed because they have to shot back to view. The app gives you the option of hiding the people who are annoying you with their slings and you can also unhide them if you want to get in touch with them later.

This Slingshot app is compatible with the devices that run Android Jelly Bean and Android KitKat and currently the app is on the Google Play Store.

Download Slingshot Android APK

You can download the APK file by clicking here.

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