Best Apps for Editing Office Documents on Android

Documents to GoWhat if your phone doesn’t come with Open office, you always have multiple options wherein you can create and edit the applications, so let’s check out which app will come help you so that you can easily view, edit as well as create the Microsoft’s Word, Excel files right on your Android phone. You can also easily use with Gmail & other email apps to download, view, edit, save & send attachments. The best part of this app is that just like any other Office suite which is desktop oriented this one supports all the Office versions like Office 97 – 2007. This application can be used in any of the Android Versions.

Documents to Go Start Screen

Documents to Go application app is of great use for reading as well as working on the Office documents on the go, you will not be requiring a Windows Phone or any Laptop to open and edit the Office documents.  If we talk of the ease of use, then this app can be easily installed and can be used. All you need to do is to just install this app and just by pressing the Menu button, you will come across all the features like formatting and reading the documents easily with special features.

Documents to Go optionsExcelFile Browser

Also, you don’t have to go through the pinching and zooming as this app is specially designed for mobile. Though the normal free version comes for free, the PRO version comes with a price tag of around 15$. The only features which come in the paid version are rich formatting features, bookmarking capability, slideshow rehearsal capabilities, PDF to go capability with capabilities like search, select and copy, bookmarking, auto rotate and word wrap etc. This app can be purchased from the Android Apps Labs.



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