Best Collaboration Apps for Android Phones & Tablets

Team workThe Android platform now powers more than 70 % of the tablets PCs and analysis’s suggests that Android would be widely used mobile OS platforms within two years. But the what makes this platform a successful one for every individual or group? It’s the apps, of course and no doubt on that.

The Apple iPad is hit and created a new trend for businesses more choice and in the same way Android devices powered with Honeycomb version of OS like Motorola Xoom and Galaxy Tab from Samsung provides more choices. The tablets are clearly finding their way in the market

If you are traveling and if you have a team meeting where your presence is important, the normal thinking which comes to your mind for the way you can communicate is through the Google talk or any other messenger service. But again when you are using any messenger you can’t share any presentation or send any file or report from your tablet, such limitations applies. Moreover with instant messenger it’s like single person talk a once with not many options.

The Android apps for tablets has witness a number of enterprise collaboration and they cover variety of functions like mobile analytics, video conferencing, file sharing, project management and social connect.

Here are few of the applications available for the Android platform that which can turn your tablet or phone into very effective tool for collaboration and make your meeting successful –

Citrix Receiver

The Citrix app allows users to take the advantage of the virtual computing using the cloud storage. Many of the companies are using Citrix so that you can access it from anywhere on go. Likewise on your Android phone you can install this, use to access your Windows desktop and applications to securely store your data in cloud rather than in your tablet.

So this makes it ideal to access your important documents or files when you are traveling or out of town. Just take out your Android phone, go through Citrix and your work is done.

Citrix ReceiverCitrix Receiver Download & Features

The Citrix Receiver Android app can be downloaded from Android Market for free.

The advantages of using Citrix are as follows –

  • Access your apps and office PCs screen from your phone at home or office or out station
  • Keep your information safe and secured on web servers
  • Switch to compatibility mode
  • Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and BlackBerry

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