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Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases & Covers

If you have just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S2, then the first thing you need to do is buy a Case for your costly mobile because this is one of the Best Android Mobile available in the market. This is because buying something in the range of $3 – $30 wont really put a hole into your pocket when you already have spent around $600 buying this beautiful handset. In this article we are going to suggest you the Best Mobile Phone cases you should be buying for this 4.3″ AMOLED screen with a variety of cases available online.

Galaxy S2 Stealth CaseCase-Mate Samsung Galaxy S II Tough Cases: Case Mate offers a series of different cases for android mobiles ranging in different colors like Black, Silver, Gelli Case Clear, Stealth Set etc The best of all these is the Stealth Set which gives your mobile a stylish look along with a little security disabling others to read the content on your screen.
Features :

  • Set includes a front privacy screen protector and back matte black polymer film
  • A 45 degree Samsung Galaxy S 2 viewing angle provides greater security than other brands
  • Crystal clear Samsung Galaxy S 2 viewing with no dimming haze
  • Our static cling design is easy to install without leaving a residue

Talon Full Diamond Bling Snap Galaxy S 2Talon Full Diamond Bling Snap on Hard Shell Case : This case is available in multiple colors offering you with a premium look for your android mobile phone. The Hard Shell case not just keeps your phone safe when you drop it accidenly but also gives you a series of shining diamonds glowing.
Features :

    1. Hard plastic phone shell adorned with sparkling rhinestones and glitter on plastic case.
    2. Adorned with shimmering rhinestones.
    3. Custom fit for your model phone allowing the phone to be fully functional with the case on.
    4. Easy to install – simply snap on. No tools required.

SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 CaseSGP Ultra Capsule Series Case : The SGP Case is available in multiple colors like White, Black, Tender Blue, Reventon Yellow, Lime & Sherbet Pink. It gives a premium look to your mobile phone along with a protection of your back body and camera which can ware off with your regular usage of the mobile.
Features :

    1. Made of 100% of Material / Luxurious Pearl finished surface
    2. Slim and form fitted to show the perfect shape of your device
    3. Easy access to all control and ports
    4. Available in 6 colors

Ultra Slim Pocket Slip Case Pouch S2Ultra Slim Pocket Slip Case Pouch : This is a pouch for those users who have a habit of keeping their mobiles in their pockets while travelling and who would like to ensure that the screen or the mobile phone’s body is not having any scratches. This Slip Case is available at just $9.99 with free shipping useful for those who would like to generally have no cases on their phone while they are using it and pouch when traveling.
Features :

    1. Perfectly fitted to your device
    2. Easy to slip phone in and out as needed
    3. Protects your phone from scratches
    4. Great slim design for pocket use
    5. Minimalistic low-profile design

Black Hard Silicone TPU Skin Cover S2Black Hard Silicone TPU Skin Cover : This seems to be the cheapest available Case for your Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile available at the Amazon Store because it costs you just $2.95 which is nothing when compared to what you have spent for buying your mobile. Along with this you get a offer of a free case when you buy 2 of these at the given link above.
Features :

    1. Compatible Model: This case is designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy S2 II i9100 Mobile cell phone (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint)
    2. Hard TPU silicone skin cover
    3. One of the best cases out in the market. This slim-fit case covers the back and side of the phone. It has cutouts for all ports and buttons so you can charge you’re device without taking off the case
    4. 30 Day Satisfaction Warranty from MiniSuit
    5. Free MiniSuit LCD screen cleaner

These are few of the best available Galaxy S2 I9100 Cases and Covers available and suggested to you. You can also go through our Android Store and find out the best one which could suit your taste and requirements.



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