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Galaxy S2 I9100 Secret Phone Code for LCD Test & Settings Checkup

Remember we promised you last time that we would be covering more about the Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone, which is when we published the Best Galaxy S2 Cases yesterday and today we are going to give you a secret phone code using which you can test if most of the important functions of the mobile are working or not.

To get started you need to enter the following phone code under the Phone Dialer – *#0*#, following screen with different quick touch buttons, each of which having a different functionality. The following are the options which would be displayed to you.

Android Phone Secret CodeFeatures :

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Receiver White
  • Vibration Black
  • Dimming
  • Megacam
  • Sensor
  • Touch
  • Sleepmode
  • Speaker
  • Sub Key
  • Front Cam

Accelerometer Check Android Mobile Magnetic Sensor Test Android Mobile

Next you need to tap on any of those options to enable the functions displayed on them. Example – When you click on the Vibrate button, the phone would start vibrating which would confirm if its working or not. The colors are shown in the form of Red, Green & Blue which when tapped would show you the colors in bright mode. If you find any of these not working you can directly contact the Samsung customer support and get your handset replaced if the warranty is still valid.

Video Demo :

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