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How to Set up Blocking Mode (Do Not Disturb) on Samsung Galaxy S5

A smartphone is supposed to be smart with the functions, and one of them is the possibility to make a few functions available only at particular times, and this has to be automatic. The Do Not Disturb mode, which is available in most of the high-end smartphones now, is also there in the Samsung Galaxy S5, but the name is a bit different as they call it as “Blocking Mode” although it does the job in no different way.

S5 Blocking Mode

What does the Blocking Mode in Galaxy S5 do?

Blocking mode would turn off the notifications, alarms and timers, and most importantly, it would block all the calls and for that, you don’t need to be entering the device into airplane mode. The good thing about this is the timing you can set for this to get activated automatically.

How to Activate Blocking Mode and set it up?

To activate the blocking mode in your Samsung Galaxy S5, you need to go to Settings > Personalization > Blocking mode

Toggle the option on, and then you will be able to select the particular options based on what you want to block. You can choose to keep the incoming calls coming while disable all other notifications, the alarm and timer. The blocking mode can be set for always, or for particular times which we usually prefer for nights, where unneeded calls are to be blocked.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Blocking Mode

There is an option to filter contacts from whom you want the incoming calls and notifications, even when the Blocking mode is turned on. The options available in the “Allowed contacts” section include:

  • None
  • All Contacts
  • Favorites
  • Custom – which can be edited and you can add particular contacts who you want to allow

Go into that you can add the contacts in that list. The custom list would be kept saved if in case you select the other options and again in future, wanted the same custom list to be allowed for contacting you when the device is in blocking mode.

Samsung Galaxy S5 blocking mode contacts

It’s no rocket science again, but an important feature and tip for the Samsung Galaxy S5 users. Check out about the Hidden menu key in Galaxy S5 and learn more tips and tricks in the Samsung Galaxy S5 section.

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