Capture Better Night Vision Snaps with Camera App & Boost Quality

The LED flash and digital zoom options are included in the high end smartphones which are talk of the town. The mid range models mostly doesn’t come with LED flash which provides better camera quality. Taking pictures especially in low light conditions and during the night time does come with difference in quality as compared during the day light with the same camera. To improvise the overall quality of photos during the night, the night mode and LED flashes have been incorporated for various handsets by the manufacturers itself. However, most of the mid range handsets doesn’t have LED flash and to obtain good results we are using Night Vision Camera application.

The Night Vision Camera uses phone camera capabilities to provide better pictures and has a clever algorithm to provide better brightness additionally. Additionally it has a turn green filter ON/OFF and the default itself is a green filter. The quality of the photos depends on your camera largely and Galaxy S or S II or HTC Wildfire S provides better camera quality. When the application is running the camera seems to get slower and you need to hold the camera as steady as possible.

Night Camera App

When you open the camera application, press the << button as seen on your screen and you get the options of menu.


  • Adjust light multiple strength
  • Save images in a single button press
  • Control camera flash to maximum visibility
  • Supports front facing camera if available
  • Good for taking photos under well lighted conditions

Night Vision Camera Download

The Night Vision Camera Android application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. From your mobile phone open Android Apps Labs and then at Night Vision Camera page click on Install button to automatically proceed with the installation.

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