“Wish Your Valentine” Android App: Send eFlowers, Love Quotes and Read Tips

Valentine’s day can be made far memorable and better with things that are made to make the situation funnier and the people celebrating the day could spend some good time sharing the love and Romance, using the Android smartphones. The Wish Your Valentine Android app is one of those which one could use to make the day far memorable.

This is an excellent application with many features, each one of which would help you express more love and care towards your partner and show how much you care. You could send personalized eFlowers, love quotes and greetings, the flowers and their arrangements of which could be changed to many different types. Apart from that, the app even helps people by sharing various tips on how to keep their better half happier, and how to treat them in the best way.
Here is all what you could do using this app –

  • Compatibility check – Check the love compatibility between the two people
  • Send eFlower – You could select from one of the various bouquets and send it as an eflower to your special one
  • Love quotes – Various love quotes from the different philosophers
  • Funny quotes – Different funny quotes about love
  • Tips – Some nice tips for people to be the best with their partners, and treat them in the best way.

wish your valentine wish your valentine compatibility
wish your valentine eflower wish your valentine eflower send
wish your valentine quotes wish your valentine tips

The compatibility check though is nothing accurate, and is just for fun. This application has got quite many quotes, both serious and funny, and at the same time the tips, different flowers etc. are so many that one could spend good time exploring it.

You could download the Wish Your Valentine app from the Android Apps Labs here.

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