Capture upto 30 Photos Per Second on your Android Phone with Fast Burst App – Video Demo

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S III now features burst image capture feature which is interesting as it takes 20 photos continuously with almost no lag while snapping photos. This feature is now seen on top end devices like HTC One X and other smart phones of the recent launches. Many other smart phones misses out this features just like HTC has this feature on One X but for One V there isn’t such. Thanks to Android developers that you can now have burst image capture on any of your Android devices, thanks to Fast Burst Camera App.Fast Burst Logo

Fast Burst Camera is an amazing camera based application which allows users to take photos and once you have taken those photos, you can go back, review the photos taken and select the best one. Especially I was very impressed by its working on HTC One V smart phone that I have. The great feature of this application is that it has zero shutter lag allowing your camera to capture pictures with no lagging time in between pics. With this you can take up to 30 pictures per second for a high end dual core or quad core smart phones and the speed reduces to 5 to 10 pictures for the low ended device. This application is just available for Android and it’s now available in the newest iPhones as well. The lite version just allows you to take the pictures and no other options as seen above really works.

Fast Burst Camera Fast Burst Camera Fast Burst Camera

Fast Burst Android App Demo

You can purchase this full version for $ 3.99 and it will includes various other features like auto flash, auto focus, zoom and the capability to turn your shutter sound on and off. You can download Fast Burst Camera Android application from Google Play Store for the lite version available for free download.



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