Upload Photos to Instagram without Cropping – Original Non Square Images

Square it for Android has now arrived which is here to help you while you upload / share the images on foursquare. Basically if in one sentence one has to explain on what exactly this Square it for Android is then, this app converts non square images into the square shaped images and also ensures that no part of the image is missed out when it’s modified. The best part of this that it allows you to change the background colour as per your choice and the most amazing part is that it all does with a very intuitive and simple to use interface. Still Instagram hasn’t come out with any such tool where in it converts the non square pictures into the squared ones as while selecting the image in instagram it only allows you to select the square portion of the picture while rest of the part gets cropped off. This feature of Squared picture upload in Instagram is only there in Android, while the iOS app allows one to upload the images even in non squared sizes.

Square It

Over a period of this article, we will be checking out with the help of screen captures and a detailed Video tutorial which will allow you to further understand on how this all works. This app works flawlessly even on the Jellybean 4.1.1 firmware laden phones.

Features of Square It:
– Share to Instagram without cropping your photo.
– Change background color
– Quick share to Instagram.

Procedure to Use Square It App for Converting Non Squared images into Squared ones:

  • Assuming that you have logged into the app of Instagram for Android in your device, download the Square It App from the Google PLAY Store. Now, open the Square it app and it will ask you to select the picture which you wish to make it square so that it can be shared in instagram.
  • Now, once you select the image it will give 4 different options, first one will help you in rotating the images wherein you can change the orientation, the second option will allow you to add the background colour to the image, third option will allow you to Save the modifications made and the 4th option will allow you to Share the picture via Instagram, twitter, picasa etc.

Screenshot_2012-09-09-15-12-13 Screenshot_2012-09-09-15-12-31 Screenshot_2012-09-09-15-13-16 Screenshot_2012-09-09-15-13-16

So there you go, you have now successfully learnt on how you can share and convert the non square images to the squared ones with the help of a simple Android app called as “SquareIt”. Let us know if you face any issues faced in the process of using it in the comments section below.

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