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How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Tab with Windows PC

Samsung KIES is an amazing software application used to communicate, take backup, transfer data, multimedia management and go through firmware update. The Samsung KIES support a numerous of Samsung mobile phones and tablets PC’s to perform various tasks on to your PC using the device. At times you might need to connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to your PC for copying of files & folders to and fro.

Connecting Samsung Galaxy Tab with Windows PC

The USB cable provided with your Galaxy TAB is meant to establish the USB connection between the two devices and in this article we go through on how to connect your Galaxy Tab with your Samsung KIES software on Windows 7 PC.

  • Connect one end of the USB cable to your Galaxy TAB and other end to the USB 2.0 port present on your PC or laptop.
  • As soon as you computer recognizes the connection, it will search and install the drivers automatically if its Windows 7.Tab Driver Software Installation
  • When the connection drivers are installed, your device would be ready to be used on to your PC.
  • On the other side you should have the latest version of KIES installed on your PC and as soon as the KIES is up and running, the device would be automatically shown in the “Connected devices” tab on the left of the KIES interface.

Here is the video which will show you on how to do it –


In case if you get any connection error then you can go through KIES Troubleshooting guide.



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