Create 3D Charts on Android – Supports Pie Cone Percentage Line & more

The 3D charts can be easily drawn on your smartphone and tablets and believe me you don’t need to have Galaxy Note for this. You can easily do it on your mobile phone.

I am talking about an Android application named as 3D Charts. The 3D Charts Android application allows users to draw 3D charts within seconds. You can draw various types of charts ranging from 2D and 3D in landscape and portrait mode.

3D Charts Home

The graphs that you draw is fully customizable with your own colors, background images and you can save images in high quality once your graph are drawn. You can export those pictures through your camera roll or album and you can use it for data analysis of anything that you need.

With a screen size of 800 x 480 pixels minimum the tablet users can view it on the big screens as well. As soon as I installed this on my smartphone, run it, it asked for the installation of Adobe Air which is required for this application to run. You will be directly taken to the link to download Adobe Air Android application. Once the download of Adobe Air is completed, it will install in the same way as that of other application, you need to return back to 3D chart Android application. Percentage charts allows you to create pie, Doughnut, pyramid, cone, funnel, staggered column and cylinder charts. Combination charts allows you to create charts like in line, area, column, cylinder, surface, stepline, floating area, floating column, cylinder and bubbles. Radar and Polar charts allows usersw to create charts in line, area and rose type.

Once that is done you will be presented with three options like Free Pie Funnel Pyramid, column line area and polar radar rose charts. So straightaway as you install this application you have charts to choose with. We will go through all the three types of possible 3D diagrams.

Pie Funnel Pyramid

To make you understand in a better way I have used Pie Funnel Pyramid as an example. First you need to make choice of type of chart that you wanted to have.3D Charts Chart Type

There are various choices available from Doughtnut, Pie, Pyramid, cone, funnel, staggered column, and staggered cylinder. I opted for pie type.3D Charts Pie chart

Then you need to provide various inputs like caption, color of the text and finally the field name with value can be entered as many as you want. There are even options of adding background wallpaper if you don’t like background to be of any color, you can set images or wallpaper or photos as the background.3D Charts color choice

Not just that there are other settings too which are show value, 1000 separator, decimal separator, scale, percentage, % precision, cap, slicing. Then you have the option to choose 3D-2D percentage, rotation, width, height, bevel, option to save image in various format.3D Charts Pie

Once you are done with all these you need to tap on the Render button located at the top. And this is what you get in the photo. When you tap on the Photo at the top the image will be saved. So that’s the way you create a Pie chat using the 3D Chart Android application.

Column Line Area

The column line graphs are the best way to describe progress report in timely manner. Using 2D Charts Android application you can even draw Column Line graphs as well. Similar settings as that of Pie Funnel Pyramid are available. Here in the example I have taken the Android ICS adoption by months. In the chart settings area you have the option to name X axis and Y axis, changing the background file, image quality and lot more.3D Charts Column  Line

Once you are done, you need to tap on Render button to show your graph and here how the graph goes – 3D Charts Column Line graph

Polar Radar Rose

Polar Radar rose is another graph which you can draw in 3D format using the 3D charts. Just like the other charts above you have the same fields. Once when you are done, tap on Render option at the top get the graph which you have drawn.3D Charts Polar Radar

This is what the final result is – Polar Radar Graph

At any point in this application if you press the menu button you will get the option of Day Night, Force Close and help option.3D Charts Menu

3D Charts Android App Download

3D Charts Android application can be easily downloaded for free from Android Apps Labs. To download it directly on your mobile phone, you visit the Android apps labs page from your mobile phone and then click on install button to automatically proceed with the installation.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.5 / 5

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