How to Tether Android HoneyComb Tablets as WiFi Hotspot

If you have a Android HoneyComb tablet or are looking at purchasing one, most of them come with 3G support on them nowadays. These tablets also work with a 2G/EDGE connection if 3G is not available. With tablets making our day to day activities easy to handle and portable, internet on tablets is very easy to access when you have a 3G Sim card inside the tablet.

The same 3G connection you use on HoneyComb tablet can be used to make your tablet a WiFi Hotspot, also known as internet tethering. This will enable multiple WiFi enabled devices around you to connect to your tablet and use its 3G/2G connection for internet usage. All WiFi enabled smartphones, laptops and other portable devices will be able to detect this hotspot and connect to them.

Here are the steps to enable WiFi Hotspot on your HoneyComb tablet:

1. Go to the main Apps drawer from the Homescreen and choose Settings.

WiFi Hotspot

2. Now choose Tethering and portable hotspot in the Wireless and networks menu. Make sure Portable WiFi hotspot is ticked and click on Configure portable WiFi hotspot to open up the settings box.

How to tether Android HoneyComb as Wifi Hotspot

You can now choose a Network SSID, which will be the name of your WiFi Hotspot as seen on other devices and can either leave the network unsecured, which is by choosing Open in security as shown.

3. Or, if you wish to secure your network, choose WPA2-PSK from the security option and choose a password which will be needed on other devices to connect to your Portable Hotspot. Adding a password is recommended as it will make sure your WiFi hotspot is not used by the devices which are not yours around the vicinity of your device.

Your portable hotspot is now active and make sure you have a data plan on your 3G network as it might lead to excessive billing. To disable the portable hotspot, just uncheck the portable hotspot option from the Wireless and Networks option in settings.



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