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How to Tether Galaxy S2 I9100 as a WiFi Hotspot

Galaxy S2 LogoAs you know with Android on smartphones brings you the feature of sharing the incoming internet signals to other Wi-Fi enabled devices. So sharing of Internet on internet-capable mobile phone is tethering and as it’s done on mobile it’s also known as ‘mobile tethering’. This is also referred to as mobile hotspot and in those cases your mobile phone would act as a portable wireless router.

Starting with those mobile phones which runs on Android 2.2 Froyo operating system and higher supports Wi-Fi tethering.  Some carrier locked mobile phone charge onetime fee for enabling tethering or may impose added data charges whenever someone uses your network.

Please note that mobile tethering on any devices not just the Android is the highest battery draining component and your battery would quickly drain in no time and also we have gone through on how to increase the Galaxy S2 battery life.

Tether Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

Here is the procedure on how to turn on the mobile tethering on your Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone –

  • As always you need to go to Menu and then ‘Settings’.Samsung Galaxy S2 Settings
  • Now among the different settings you need to select ‘Wireless and network’ which is the place to manage your wireless network like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB utilities & other settings related to your network on your mobile.Samsung Galaxy S2 Wireless network
  • Now click on ‘Tethering and portable hotspot‘ which is the options for sharing your phone mobile data connection as a portable hotspot as seen from the image on the top.
  • Further more you would be provided with the option of like USB tethering and portable hotspot tethering. Click on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.Samsung Galaxy S2 Tethering
  • You would be prompted to continue or not. Click on OK.Samsung Galaxy S2 Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Now provide the network SSID and click on ‘Save‘.Samsung Galaxy S2 Configure
  • With that you have created your Wi-Fi hotspot but you need to secure that in order that you have secured your Wi-Fi network. The security on your Wi-Fi is provided by providing the password using the WPA2 PSK security.Samsung Galaxy S2 network name

And your Wi-Fi hotspot now would be available to other to connect to your network. They need to search on their Wi-Fi and select your network, they finally would need the password or the network key to access web of your network.



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