How to Delete Saved Call, SMS, Browser, Google History and Cache in Android Phones

In every Smartphone the use of mobile options like calls, SMS and the additional features included in smartphones these days with operating systems like Android like Internet browsing, youtube browsing, and Google Play store browsing leaves traces of your search terms used and when someone takes and sneaks into your phone you lose all your privacy where people can look at your SMS, MMS and saved call history along with search history of internet browsing, Youtube search terms, Google Play store and Google Maps search terms.

No one would like to reveal so much about yourself to others hence in times like these where you want to delete all the History from your device we need an app which can do it all at the same time without you needing to go through each setting and delete them manually which is a huge waste of time, for this function there is an app in Google play store “History Eraser App” which lets you erase all traces of history from your device like SMS, MMS history, call logs and also supports clearing search history from system apps like  Gmail search terms, Google Play store and Google Maps through the same interface and with a single button press.

History which can be deleted using History Eraser:

  • Browser History
  • Call Log
  • SMS and MMS messages
  • Google Play Search History
  • Google Map Search History
  • Gmail Search History
  • Clipboard Data
  • Youtube Search History
  • Google Search History
  • App cache files

How to delete Call, sms, internet, gmail search, youtube and google play history from android using history eraser:

Install History Eraser app from Google Play store from here: History Eraser
After installing the application and launching it you can see on the home screen the various option available for erasing history from mentioned in the list above.
On the right side of each option you have a box to select each one which lets you clear history of what you want to delete and not everything like if you just want internet history and sms history to be deleted you should untick all the others and select only these 2 options. And after selecting you need to click on the green “Clean” button at the bottom of the app.
Which will automatically delete all data instantly.
If you want to delete all SMS and MMS directly you can click on the settings option on the lower left corner of the app which will bring up a pop up screen with the following options seen in the image below, on the right top side of the pop up you can see the Delete All SMS/MMS icon.
Clicking on the “Setting” option on the left top of the pop up will open a page with basic setting like auto start up etc,  but the important settings like Auto clear option: It will let you clear all SMS and MMS even when the screen is off.

If you do not want to clear any sms or mms you can lock them which will prevent them from being deleted by clear history. But when you feel you want to clear these locked sms/mms you can select the Delete locked sms/mms option in the settings page of the app to do the same.

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