Get Android 4.2-like Quick Settings in Notification Panel in your Android Phone

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS came in with some excellent modifications, and one of them was the Quick Settings section in the Notification Panel which brings loads of options, which you would usually keep exploring in the Settings app if you wanted a change in any. For those using the previous OS versions, even the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich who wondered whether they could play around with such quick settings and options, there’s an App which could bring something totally similar – Control Panel for Android.

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The Control Panel for Android does the same which comes as a default option in the Android 4.2 OS version, with a Quick Settings shortcut in the notification panel, which opens a grid view of settings from various sections – Display, Connectivity, Sound, Rotation etc. Of course one of the annoying things with the Internet turned on, is that you would see Ads in the bottom while using the app, but you can’t expect everything for free when craving to use something that the latest OS has got.

The grid options that open up on clicking the Quick Settings shortcut:

  • Wi-Fi – Toggling the Wi-Fi On/Off
  • Bluetooth – Turning Bluetooth On/Off
  • Sound – Turning Sound On/Off for notifications
  • Vibrate – Toggling Vibrate Mode On/Off
  • Brightness – Automatic or Manual Brightness
  • Auto Rotation – Auto-rotate screen when phone is turned
  • Auto-Time – Automatic Screen Timeout
  • Screen Stay On – Opting to keep screen on when phone is connected to PC
  • Sound Effect – Sound feedback on touch
  • Haptic Feedback – Vibrating feedback to touch
  • Dial tone – Dial tone turning on/off
  • Screen Timeout – Setting up the screen timeout time
  • Ringtone – Setting the ringtone
  • Volume – Setting up the Volume for System, Music, In-call, Ringer, Notification, Alarm
  • Ring mode – Ring, with Vibrate, Vibrate only or Silent
  • Brightness – Setting Brightness level

Control Panel Network Settings  Control Panel Sound Settings  Control Panel Display Settings

The things don’t end here, as clicking on the Android Robot below the options, would take you to other sections where you would find categorized settings, but we won’t be noticing it much because if someone had to hit and reach such deep options, it’s nothing different than the direct Settings app in the Android phone.
Still, if you have had a feeling always that the Settings area is always confusing, the Control Panel has categories such as –
Sound – This section has the settings for ringtone, notification, alarm, volume, ring mode and All Sound Settings
Network – Settings for Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi IP, Bluetooth, GPS, Data, Airplane Mode, Carrier, APN and Accounts
Display / Others – Brightness, Screen timeout, Locale, Date and Time, Input settings, Applications, Developer, Storage, Privacy, Battery Usage

The Control Panel can be customized with the various colors – Light, Dark, Green, Blue and Red. The user can choose whether to have the notification icon active or whether they need to manually go to the settings and open the control panel when they want to change any settings, but that would not solve the actual purpose of having the Quick Settings in the Notification Panel.

Android Control Panel Ring Mode  Android Control Panel Screen Timeout  Android Control Panel Volume Control

We’ve used it with frequent option changes and noticed no lag in performance, and it just looks like one of the default options the Android phone would have. A selected option would show an outline around it, while the others are just the simple boxes. One of the good things about the Control Panel app is that it works for all the Android versions from Android 2.2 Froyo, so doesn’t matter if you are on Froyo, Gingerbread (and its various updates), Ice Cream Sandwich and even the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, the apps works perfectly in all the devices.

You can download the Control Panel for Android from the Google Play Store or go here to download the APK if you want to install it by yourself.

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