How to Download Files on Android Phone by Prompting from Computer

Searching for the files and making them downloaded on your mobile phone, even with some good browser is always hard because you are trying to do that on the limited screen with a lot of searching to do. How easy and good would that be when you get a chance to search and go to the download link in your web browser on the computer, and simply make the file downloaded in your smartphone. Of course one of the easy options for me was the drafting of link in the Gmail, and opening that in the smartphone’s Gmail app to get the download link easily, but to make things better, there’s an app called which would make your smartphone download a file which you wanted it to.

For this to work, you don’t need to do much except for registering an account and downloading the Android app. Head to Google Play Store and download app on your device, and then go to to register there.

Downiton Register

Once you have registered, login to the service in both – Android phone and on the website. While logging in from your Android phone, you will see the “Registering device” status which would then add the device to the list so that you can select it whenever you wanted to make that particular phone download a file.

Downiton Login

Now, for making the file downloaded, copy the download URL from the website and then go to and enter the download link. Select the Android phone from the dropdown list, and click on “DOWN IT ON MOBI”.

Downiton Place Link

The website would show the message in the bottom, saying “The link successfully sent to your device.” and that link would be added to the list of last 10 links. Check your Android smartphone and the file should be downloading already, if at all you have it connected to the Internet.

Downiton Link Sent

The file would be shown downloading, as given here and you can go to the Downloads list from the app itself.

Downloaditon File Download

One of the other advantages of this app is that you don’t need to worry about the connectivity, because you can force the app to download the files only when connected via Wi-Fi, and thus the device won’t download any files when you are connected to the web through the data network.

Download DownItOn.Mobi from Google Play Store: Link

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