Best Flash Light Apps for Android Phones – Alternative Use of Camera LED Flash

There are many Flash Light Apps for Android Phones but all have different features, let us see what are the best apps that can be used as Flash light on our Android device and let me explain some of them in brief. Here are the 5 Best Apps that can be used as Flash Light. All these apps can be downloaded and used on your Android device for free.

  1. Flashlight HD LED
  2. LED Flashlight + Clock
  3. TeslaLED Flashlight
  4. Amazing Flashlight
  5. Tiny Flashlight + LED

Flashlight HD LED

Flash light LED light

This Flashlight HD LED app is compatible with most of the Smart phones and it gives brightest and most powerful light possible from a phone, with a simple design. Launch this app on your device just by pressing one button, add this applications as a widget for quick access. This app uses integrated FlashLight and also uses the devices full screen as a light source that works on all devices. You can down load this app from Google Play Store by hitting the link.

LED Flashlight + Clock

Led Flash light + clock

LED Flashlight + Clock is a app on Google Play Store that combines flashlight and clock. This app uses the Camera’s LED as the light source on your device. It also uses Screen as the flashlight that lets the users to change the color and brightness. While this app is running on the device you can have a glance on the big digital clock to know the time. Hit the link to download this app.

TeslaLED Flashlight

TelsaLed 3

This application uses the camera flash as a flashlight which is capable of creating strobes and Morse code. It also creates screen lights and also police screen light flashing Red and Blue colors. Moreover it keeps the LED on with screen off and it can be created as a Widget and activate this TelsaLED from a slider on the lock screen of your device. You can download this app from this link here.

 Amazing Flashlight

Amazing Flash light

This Amazing Flashlight uses the LED and screen of the device as a bright flashlight torch that features a night vision camera and Compass with Gorgeous color NV filters. It can be a Lockscreen Widget for the devices running on Android 4.2 and up. The app is capable of creating different types of Emergency, Warning lights and also Police, Ambulance, Fire and Construction vehicles. It can also create Disco strobe effect, Lighthouse effect and also has the Auto Turn On + Remember Last State settings. The application supports Swipe gestures and has a High Definition (HD) resolution. This also supports screen and keys locking preventing any unwanted presses letting the users move freely while the app is running continuously operating. You can download this app by clicking the link here.

 Tiny Flashlight + LED

TiniFlash light + LED

This application gives a Bright flashlight and also gives the torch mode when using the LED of the device. The app comes with different layouts and gives simple control and Widget can be created with different layouts and it also includes Strobe/blink function with adjustable intervals for it. the App consumes very less space and also consumes less power and CPU. It also uses the screen of the device for providing flashlight if you do not want to use the LED. You can download this app by clicking the link here.


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