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Download Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard with Enhanced Prediction & Correction

Ice Cream Sandwich LogoWherever you go, Ice Cream Sandwich talk follows you! So continuing the thought in this article we will check out on how you can install the latest and the best Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 Stock keyboard in your Android phone. This comes as a huge relief for the users who didn’t wish to root or apply the buggy or unstable firmwares for the ICS goodies or enhancements for their phones as rooting basically voids the warranty. So, the ICS keyboard which we will be going to see is not having the Voice to text functionality as of now but we expect the same to be functional in the next update.

Also, the haptic feedback in this keyboard doesn’t work, so just in case if you anyways don’t use the Haptic feedback then this will be the best keyboard for you. Also, this doesn’t work on the tablets as of now. Apart from the Visual changes which this keyboard has, you can also enjoy the benefit of enhanced prediction / correction facility which just feels very great as all the spelling mistakes are being guided and you will no more be able to do spelling mistakes while typing. Please note that installing this application won’t be requiring any sorts of rooting though it works for both rooted as well as non-rooted users.

Also, it supports whole lot of languages which are mentioned below:

  • Arabic,
  • Croatian,
  • Czech,
  • Danish,
  • English (UK),
  • English (US),
  • Finnish,
  • French,
  • French (Canada),
  • French (Switzerland),
  • German,
  • Hebrew,
  • Hungarian,
  • Italian,
  • Norwegian Bokmai,
  • Polish,
  • Portuguese,
  • Russian,
  • Serbian,
  • Spanish,
  • Spanish (United States),
  • Swedish,
  • Turkish

So, these are the above languages which are supported by this keyboard. We don’t have the exact list of devices which support this one but you can try applying installing this keyboard in your phone.

Procedure to install this ICS Keyboard in your Android Phone:

  • As soon as you download the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard APK from here to your computer.
  • Once you finish downloading it in the computer, you now need to connect the device to the computer using the USB cable and then need to copy this downloaded apk file to your device and disconnect the USB device from the computer.
  • Now, open the APK File which you have placed in the phone and then you need to tap on the same to install after which you will get to see the processes which are shown in the below screen capture.

ICS Keyboard 1 ICS Keyboard 2 ICS Keyboard 3 ICS Keyboard 4

  • So, once it gets installed you can either go for composing a message or an email to get the ICS keyboard. Just in case if you are not able to get the keyboard then, you need to go to the “Locale and Text” option where you need to set the default keyboard as “Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard”.

ICS Keyboard 5 ICS Keyboard Input Options ICS Keyboard 6 ICS Keyboard 7 ICS Keyboard 8 ICS Keyboard 9 Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard 9 Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard 10 Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard 11

  • So, in this way you have successfully learnt on how to install and use the latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard in your Android phone. You can download the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard APK file directly from the below mentioned link.

Direct Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard APK Download:



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