How to Disable Haptic Feedback on Android Tablets

Haptic Feedback ImageIn an age where the customization always tries to match the standards of your user experience, there are even small tweaks and options which are there available in the tablet with which you can further customize the whole feeling of using an Android tablet. So, in a similar move let’s check out on how you can further customize your tablet experience with a small yet powerful feature called the Haptic Feedback.

Haptic Feedback is a technology wherein you will feel the stimulus as soon as you touch the screen confirming that the option has been successfully selected on the tap. This even applies for all the touch based Soft Keys as well which are native in the World of Android tablets. These vibrations are based on the funda of vertical oscillations which are felt once the screen is touched. Though by default this comes with the enabled state but just in case if you wish to disable the same, we will help you in doing so. This haptic feedback feature when turned ON, the battery is consumed faster than ever and eventually you may face issues related the faster draining of the battery. For your convenience, we have made a short tutorial which is mentioned below wherein you following which you can easily disable the haptic feedback on your Android tablets.

Procedure to Disable the Haptic Feedback on Android Tablets:

  • From your Android tablet, you will have to first go to the “Settings” option in your tablet and after that you will need to tap on the option of “Sound” as shown in the below screen shot. Now, once you get into this category called “Sound”, you will now have to proceed and then you will see an option which will read “Haptic Feedback”. All you need to ensure is to remove the check mark from here or alternatively you can also adjust the Vibration Intensity of the haptic feedback, the Lower the haptic feedback the lesser will be the battery consumption.

Feedback Settings

  • Additionally, you can also choose the other settings which are listed in the “Feedback” so as to match your customization needs.

That’s it, so in this way you have successfully learnt on how you can easily disable the haptic feedback on your Android tablets easily with the help of the above procedure. Do let us know on what you think on the Haptic Feedback and also if you face any issues then do let us know we will try to solve them at the earliest in the comments section below.

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