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Download Ice Cream Sandwich Transformation Pack For Windows 7 Android Theme

The most awaited Android update of Ice Cream Sandwich was made up available with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phoned and since its launch many users keep on asking when they will receive the ICS update on their phone. The Ice Cream Sandwich update power packs major user interface changes and various other enhancements. Overall Ice Cream Sandwich is the must update on your phone and users would be happy to get Ice Cream Sandwich on their phone.

The impact of Ice Cream Sandwich is such that it there are many application and tools to get ICS fonts, ICS wallpapers, ICS widgets and ICS looks on their existing mobile phone or tablet. In latest we have put together the phones which will receive the ICS update with their actual data or confirmation from the manufacturers.

Coming back to the title, the Ice Cream Sandwich that you love is now available on Windows 7 transformation pack. This pack brings you the looks of Ice Cream Sandwich as seen on the Galaxy Nexus phone. This theme is great looking with Android inspired icons, wallpapers, boot screen in the theme pack.

Here is the picture of theme pack that I have applied on to my Windows 7 PC –

ICS Theme

As you see the Windows 7 taskbar has moved up with this theme pack. Here is how the control panel will look like –

ICS Skin Theme

Here is the wonderful and amazing looking Windows 7 ICS icon bar –

ICS icon Bar

There are various change from the normal Windows theme options. The first which comes is the font has been changed, the next thing various icon has been changed, Windows 7 Menu is replaced with Android icon. Right as soon as you start your PC, you will see Android logo instead of Windows and overall this skin transformation looks wonderful.

This wonder Android Skin pack is available for both Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit edition and comes in two installers of offline and online. This theme is created by deviantart user hameddanger.

Download Android Skin pack for Windows 7 32 bit & 64 bit.

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