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TouchDroid – HP TouchPad Tablet on Android Gingerbread 2.3

Hp TouchpadHP’s quick decision of ending the TouchPad was a headline. Except few analyst from HP are still thinking whether this is a smart move or a bad move. HP quickly wants to clean out TouchPad and they are offering tablets at a very cheap price. Yes, the HP Touchpad is available for sale at $ 99 for 16 GB and $ 149 for 32 GB variant. Many have managed to get it for $ 99 and it’s still available for purchase at that price in United States. Users from outside United States can order it by paying another $ 23 as the custom duty.

The HP TouchPad dual core tablet is among the top 10 tablets which runs on HP WebOS 3.0 operation system but as HP is clear on TouchPad, the WebOS platform looks shaky (of course they would find any taker).

Coming to the discussion, it’s rumored that HP TouchPad will get unofficial Android Gingerbread 2.3 makeover soon. The talented programers at RootzWiki are working on the developing a custom firmware which would replace HP’s WebOS. So that makes the news that it would become the cheapest Android tablet available in the market indirectly. The new modified HP TouchPad would be named as Touchdroid. Moreover you get quality with good specifications at very low price. Please note that the custom ROM is unofficial release and it will void tablet’s warranty.

So start your hunt to find this tablet at a cheaper price and get it ordered before it’s out of stock. Most of the retailers online are running out of stock and no further shipments are planned. And finally in a sad news, HP will might not look into tablet again.




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