Download Latest HTC’s Lock screen App from Google PLAY Store for Android device

Put your hands together to welcome HTC’ s lock screen officially in the Google App store. With brilliant looks and utility options, this lock screen can now be made used in many android smartphones. HTC initially only had these apps tied up with the One branded smartphones, but all thanks to the demand and the need which HTC figured out among users of other smartphone brands which made this happen for other HTC devices as well. This is not the first time when HTC has launched its branded apps in the PLAY Store for other android devices as we have earlier seen similar treatment with Blink feed and HTC’s Clock App.

This new app from HTC is available as the Lock screen app as mentioned in the screen captures below. With this new app, users can swipe right on the lock screen to land on the Blink feed or alternatively you can also swipe left to access the Widget Home. If user swipes on the lock screen, user can access the previously used application. The clock, weather and notifications are displayed on the Lock Screen which is the highlight of this app as this one completely redefines the lock screen. There are many users who have installed the Blinkfeed and the HTC’ s clock app, this is a complete and pure delight product.


With the standalone app, the updates will be certainly faster and app looks much cleaner than the ones which are provided as default in many android apps. Very soon, HTC will be adding in the new features in this app. The only sad part of this app is that as of now this app is only available with the HTC users and not for non-HTC users.

Do let us know in the comments section on which one is your current favorite lock screen app.

Download HTC’s Lock screen App




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