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{APK Download} YouTube 6.0 with Material Design which uses new Lollipop’s Palette API – Details

Google has released Android 5.0, but YouTube is all here with its latest 6.0 version which comes with the material design and also comes with the much needed fresh interface. Featuring a tall and tabbed toolbar, this new design comes with the vibrant red color as a brand color of YouTube and also comes with the full-height material nav drawer, and a clean white background. This whole new app is all set to become the new example for the video apps as it wraps itself with the Material design.

All the YouTube channels makes use of the new Lollipop’s Palette API which pulls colors from the channel art to the color of the app’s toolbar. This new YouTube app also comes with the new launcher icon to match along with the Google’s other product icons. With advanced filters and a cool look, this one conveniently offers features like Search and other features which are visually very rich. You can check out the detailed screen shots below. While these are just some of the changes which are being mentioned yet, but there are many other new changes which are a part of this new app. We are also hearing that vimeo and other bunch of video apps are working for the app which comes with the material design which is the new design language by Google.

Screenshot_2014-12-06-18-11-08 Screenshot_2014-12-06-18-11-17 Screenshot_2014-12-06-18-11-31 Screenshot_2014-12-06-18-11-54 Screenshot_2014-12-06-18-12-42 Screenshot_2014-12-06-18-12-49

As this APK of YouTube is the signed one and is officially out from Google channels, this APK can be installed in any of the android devices and the existing version of YouTube will be updated. YouTube will soon be releasing this new app with the material design to all the users across the globe very soon. Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you have any comments w.r.t this app.

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